We had the good fortune of connecting with Sarah SChossow and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Sarah, how has your work-life balance changed over time?
Back in college I would go to class Monday-Wednesday and work Thursday-Sunday. I had zero work life balance but this paid off receiving an Associates and Bachelors Degree, which I guess you could say I have been applying. Especially now since we all have to work from home. You can imagine going from a full time colorist to now having to adapt to find creative ways to “work” from home. Even before this very short period of working from home I had a challenge separating work and home, I love to work, continue to learn and challenge myself so it’s hard for me to sit still. To battle this I would find ways that would give my mind a break. Started years ago with running. Then I fell in love with yoga. This didn’t happen right away but much later in my practice. This happened when I realized the practice is a mind over matter activity and teaches me how to let go and trust my body to do with work with my mind. Since I put in a lot of work and hours in school I have learned to step back and relax but giving myself hours I work and when those hours are done I set my phone aside put on good music some days pour myself a glass of wine and just enjoy sitting. When working crazy hours in the salon because not all days are consistent hours I will give myself the luxury of downtime. This could be anything from spa day or every couple months a little mini get away to disconnect. This way I have found I come back to work more motivated to work even harder. We all need to give ourselves a break even if it’s a day at home. It’s just like recovering from a really hard workout. If you don’t give yourself time to recover you will continue to work slower and not harder or smarter. That’s all part of the investment to yourself; having that balance which is the most important part.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
My main job and talent is a colorist. I think every colorist I have come across has their own unique skill and technique just like I have. For me what I have always done is pick out certain techniques applying making my work unique. Just like I have seen with many other colorists. This makes our industry that much more exciting because not one color is the same. Its all catered to each individual. The biggest challenge I had to overcome was to be at peace with what I was good at. For a while I could not settle in with the fact that being a colorist was what I most enjoyed and what came naturally to me. Best thing I did was surrender to what I was meant to do for now and I am proud of myself for coming to that relization. I am excited for the future and what opportunities will come up and finding other creative ways to cater and educate clients. I love educating and teaching people to make them more knowledgeable in the long run feel good about the service they are getting.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
If my best friend were visiting for a week there’s a few things I would definitely do. I’m not a party person so this would definitely not involve going to a club. A couple of boat days would most assuredly be in the itinerary as it’s such an integral part of enjoying a city like Miami, and really one of the best ways to see this wonderful city. A spa day would definitely be a part of this, and among the places I would go for this are Faena, the Standard, or The Ritz in Key Biscayne. Brunch would definitely be a must at either Sirenuese or The Biltmore. There are also so many great restaurants I would take my friend to. Lunches would probably go as follows for the six days; Mandolin, Michael’s Genuine, The Standard, Cafe Rova, Smith and Wollensky and sit by the water, and Sapore di Mare. For dinner it would be Makoto, Il Gabbiano, Cipriani, The Surf Club by Thomas Keller, Soya e Pomodoro for casual italian with live music, Sardinia in Sunset Harbor, and you gotta go to a Cuban Restaurant at least once so Havana Harry’s. For a little hole in the wall but amazing food we will head to Fiorito. Shopping would definitely be a part of this and with so many great boutiques in Miami I would start with those. We would go to The Bazaar Project in Coconut Grove where you can find so many great hidden treasures, Faena Bazaar, the Upper Buena Vista neighborhood has some great little shops and I would go there as well. For some high end shopping I may go to either Design District or Bal Harbor. For day time activities that don’t involve boating we would go walk around Wynwood and check out the various art galleries and shops there, make a stop at some of the museum’s like the Perez Art Museum, The Bass Museum, we would definitely do some paddle boarding and go for a bike ride in Miami Beach. The Fairchild Tropical gardens are really beautiful and would definitely be somewhere I would take my friend. In the evenings I may catch a symphony at NWS in Miami Beach, We would grab drinks at Faena’s living room, stop by Lagniappe for live music and wine, Broken Shaker for drinks, I would probably head over to the new bar at Cipriani’s called Socialista.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I have always leaned on my mother in the most crucial times. She’s a very tough cookie but in the long run is solid as a rock when push comes to shove. She has supported every moved I have made and she makes it sound easy to achieve your goals. Long ago she introduced me to the book The Secret. I still go back to this book when I feel stuck. I think that this book resignates with me since I do believe whatever we want, create a vision will mold our future.

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