Never give up. It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right? We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying

Dan Abbate | Advisor, Mentor, Manager, Board Member & Investor

I have asked this question myself a lot in my day. I have also talked to many of my entrepreneurial friends about this subject (one of them is a billionaire who has had the biggest of successes and failures). Everyone seems to be in agreement that you keep going as long as you haven’t run out of ideas to pivot to. It is not unusual that in any journey there will be bumps in the road so you can’t quit at the first moment of trouble or disappointment, you simply pivot until it either works or you run out of ideas to pivot to. Don’t grasp at straws. When the well of ideas runs dry, move on to something else. The story of the guy who stuck with the crap business for 15 years and then became a huge success in my experience is not the norm. The path to success is relatively steady from day one – it still might take 15 years with a lot of bumps but the vision and movement towards it remain generally clear. Read more>>

Ty Jack | Artist & Entrepreneur

There has been a few times where I wanted to give up on my salon and myself, but then I think of how far I’ve come. How quickly it took me to achieve my goals to get where I currently am, and the happiness, joy and freedom of working for myself. I wouldn’t give up being my own boss for the world. Read more>>

Angelica Vidal | Certified Life Coach

It is easy to know when to give up. When you are not satisfied with the things, projects, relationships, work, you are in, plus is not benefitting to you and others, it is time to give up, to start something that will fulfill your life, for a happy world. When you are clear on your vision about your mission in life, passion you will keep going, because passion is the fire of creativity to accomplish your mission with joy and satisfaction. Read more>>

Drum’n SKillz | Mentor, Drummer & Producer

Giving up is not a/an option, never will be. The route to your destination can change from where you first began, but turning around after going this far is not acceptable, no matter how old I get. Read more>>