Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Amy Morin | Psychotherapist, International bestselling author, host of The Verywell Mind Podcast

I teach people how to build the mental strength they need to reach their greatest potential. As a therapist, I spent much of my career helping people grow mentally stronger on a one-on-one basis. In 2013, I wrote an article called 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, that went viral. Over 50 million people read it and I got a book deal. I’ve since written four books on mental strength. I’ve sold over a 1 million copies of my books and they’ve been translated into more than 40 languages. My TEDx talk, The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong, has been viewed more than 20 million times. Read more>>

Nicole Raimondi | Saganist. Dolly Parton enthusiast. Eater.

Forging ahead in a capacity that gives back to the places we live and love has really been at the core of our founding mission. Because we work almost exclusively with family owned and privately held businesses, it gives us space to support the character and longevity of communities we operate in. These are your neighbors and their families; this is the heritage they bring to the table, or the skill they offer the world. It keeps that local value intrinsic, self-sustaining, and unique. Read more>>

Valerie Rivera | President & Founder of MAGNØ Model & Talent Management

MAGNØ Model & Talent Management was borned with the idea of developing confident, outstanding & empowered women. Our main goal is to provide the right tools, knowledge and techniques to our models to help them succeed in this tough industry. Building a strong platform for young girls and adult women to create their best version, starting from within fortifying their self-esteem. It is very fulfilling to see their transformation, along with the opportunities that come after we prepare them. As we always say, the woman that comes into MAGNØ, will never come out the same… she is better in every way! Read more>>

Cristina Vigliarolo | Fashion Student, Stylist and Blogger

I am very passionate about feminism and women’s rights. Growing up, my mother always taught me to be my own independent woman and never depend on any man. Especially with everything going on lately, it s essential for me to fight for women’s rights. When I lived in New York, I was on Planned Parenthood’s activist council and even lobbied for legislation to help women in areas such as education, healthcare, and reproductive rights. I went to the women’s march every year and continue to attend protests and rallies here in Miami. Read more>>

Anna Klimala | President, Miami Music Project

Miami Music Project is one of the largest music-based socially-transformative initiatives in the US. We work with under-resourced youth by providing them with unique opportunities to develop social, emotional, and leadership skills. The Children’s Orchestras is Miami Music Project’s flagship program. It is a free year-round afterschool program predicated on the idea that social transformation can and will be achieved through participation in an ensemble-based orchestra environment. Read more>>