Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Reuben Gladstone | Founder & Creative Director

We started Reuben Oliver with a clear vision: to cultivate relationships with our hand selected group of craftsman while locally sourcing top of the line Peruvian textiles. After working at several different fashion houses in New York. Read more>>

Irv & Co. Podcast | South Florida’s Traveling Podcast

We both enjoy getting to know businesses and people by highlighting them and their business. We feel that that many people get to know the business and hardly expand to know the business owner as well. Our podcast help benefit the community through conversation with the use of social media, YouTube, and podcasting. Read more>>

Sarah Roca-Valledor | Singer for band Soul Hazel

Our inspirations behind our business helps the community because It’s all about having people take our music and make it their own. Our fans relate to our art and they listen to Soul Hazel when they are going through though times. Read more>>

Jalisa Faye | Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Coach

As a vocal coach and the Founder/CEO of Find Your Voice Coaching Services, my business helps the community/world by equipping singers, songwriters, and all-around performers with the confidence, technique and originality they need to show up and show out every time. Read more>>

Jayoung Yoon | Visual Artist

My artwork deals with the mind-matter phenomenon, exploring our memory, perception and bodily sensations. Many scientists and spiritual thinkers have found several connections between quantum physics and spirituality. Read more>>

Kent Anderson | Co-Owner of Kilo Content

Our business helps the community by highlighting and showcasing quality content that displays local brands and locations in a stunning and exciting way. We work a lot with non-profits as well within our community to showcase their works and help to gain traction to their cause. Read more>>

David “Kip” Ritchey | Small-Scale Farmer

Smarter By Nature LLC is a regenerative agriculture business that facilitates sustainable relationships between people and the natural environment by providing fresh food and education to our local and online community. Read more>>