Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Emily Peters | Designer & Artisan

The fashion industry is one of the dirtiest businesses in the world. The industrialized processes throughout every stage of production in the clothing and adornment industries pollute our ecosystems and endanger the lives of those least able to effect change or fight against the many exploitations that penetrate the fashion supply chain. For these reasons, I started my urban artisan workshop – Atelier E – as an example of the real possibilities available to us for a clean, healthy world and mutually beneficial existence. Through Atelier E, I use my creative expression as an active and living illustration of what it looks like to move away from the harmful practices of industrialized fashion that are a modern-day continuation of colonization, and towards a localized, sustainable, decolonized fashion industry. At my workshop, I am the artisan. I hand-make all of my jewelry and clothing designs. Read more>>

Andrew Cohen | CXO (Chief Experience Officer)

Since we last spoke, Mike and I have started a couple more related companies within the entertainment/transportation industry. All of them share the same mission which stems from the two of us: “To show people the most fun in the world”. There are a lot of ways to improve people’s life but we found that our forte is generating smiles through sharing experiences we find amazing. For example, Staying Afloat Party Boat is now in Ft Lauderdale and Tampa which are two cities with vast waterways and hidden gems that are only accessible by boat. Before we started, it was extremely difficult to find a boat that could fit a group of friends or a couple of families; and by the time they sold you the necessary add-ons (Captain, fuel, floats, cleaning fee, etc…) the final price was double the listed price. So we decided to facilitate boat days for locals and tourists alike. Read more>>

Robin Black Walder | Creator & Jewelry Designer

BlackBird Jewelry arose from the idea of spreading Awareness Through Adornment. Using my artistic expression to inspire personal growth, spiritual uplifting and bring attention to issues that affect the Earth and its inhabitants. I do so by creating fundraising campaigns for organizations that work to help and bring about change. Read more>>

Nicole Perry | Intimacy Choreographer, Dance Choreographer & Founder

I came to Intimacy Direction/Choreography from the dance world. I have been working as a choreographer for theatre since 2010 (I started in then in Philadelphia). I LOVE physical story-telling, whether it’s in dance or theatre. In 2018, I was researching how to address intimate moments onstage, and learned about the field of intimacy direction, and jumped in! It’s been a challenge- with the training required, explaining to people what I do, and why it’s important, and now, with COVID, translating my stage skills to virtual ones, and finding work. But it’s also been so rewarding and exciting! Learning about Intimacy Direction changed how I do almost everything- view TV/movies, how I teach dance and theatre, my awareness of power dynamics at play in the world. I, as an artist, work in a consent-based, collaborative creative practice, with a focus on the meaning-making available in movement. Read more>>