We asked some of the best parents we know to tell us about the most important thing they’ve done as parents and have shared their wisdom below.

Natasha Raulerson | Author

As a parent, I hope I haven’t screwed up too much. He’s only four though. In all seriousness, I hope what I’m doing, pursuing my passion and dream, shows my son that he can do anything. If he wants to be a writer, or an artist, or a scientist, he can do it. It might take hard work, sacrifice, and a little bit of sacrifice when it comes to your sanity, but it is possible. Sometimes it might not be the path you expect or planned for, but that’s okay too. You learn the greatest things on the roads you never expected to travel. Read more>>

Nicole Vasco | Blogger

As a mother of two girls, the most important thing I’ve done that I pray impacts my girls is living the example that they can design a life that is authentic to them, their talents and that brings them joy. Motherhood is my greatest accomplishment. To be able to chase my dreams and passion by starting TheMompreneurProject.com in a patriarchial society that inadvertently makes it difficult for mothers to have fulfilling careers while raising their children is something I do not take for granted. And every day, by my actions, by letting me girls see me do work that lights me, I believe will impact them greatly when they become mothers. Read more>>

Yoa Ruiz | Artist, Painter, Creative Director

A wise pastor taught me that children spell LOVE as “T-I-M-E”. With that understanding, I try to dedicate as much time to them as I can. Children are like sponges constantly soaking up everything around them. As a parent of three, I am responsible for setting a good example for them to follow. The most important of these is showing them a genuine relationship with God, honoring my elders and my wife, having integrity in my daily affairs and loving others. Our children will do what they see their parents do, not what they say. Read more>>

Virginie Alavera | Hairstylist, Colorist

What I think I have done or at least doing for my son is to show him is that whatever the job, it must be done with passion. You have to love what you do, do it well and if you work with people do it with respect. And Always trying to be the best of it. Read more>>