There is a wealth of academic research that suggests that differences in risk appetite are at the heart of differences in career and business trajectories. We wanted to go beyond the theory and ask real people from the community about their perspectives and experiences with risk and risk taking.

BethBanger | Rapper & Singer

As I continue to grow, I’ve realized that when I take a risk I get the most out of whatever I’m risking. That can be as small as changing up particular lyrics in a song to better reflect who I am, or as big as performing in front of tons of people. When I’ve taken these kinds of risk the pay off has been amazing for my growth as an artist and also as a human being. Now there are times when you do have to be smart about the risk you take. Like if I know I’m allergic to something and I choose to eat it just to be risky, that’s not a smart risk at least for my health. but when it comes to music and my life, I know that if I’m not taking a risk, I’m not growing. growth is a never ending journey. You should never stop growing, learning, and getting better at your craft. Read more>>

Max Padron | Guitarist & Session Musician

For me, Taking Risk is one of the most important elements of success. Going out of your comfort zone. My career wouldn’t be at the point that it is right now, without taking risk. Have your goals very clear, hone your craft and take the risk. Read more>>

Adiala Salas | Journalist and Media Entrepreneur

Risk-taking has been present in my all life. I remember, since I was a child, I was always between challenges or big decisions like sports competitions and music concerts. I was studying at school and I was pretty worried about having good records at the same time. But, I remember the most that I dreamed of becoming a journalist because I needed to tell the world what was wrong and fix it. I became a Journalist in Venezuela and I lived in my own bones what risk was. I was afraid a lot of times but that made me know that journalism was my thing. One day, I saw myself and I felt that I needed a change and I moved to Colombia when I was 24 years old. I arrived alone and sometimes I thought that maybe I should go back home but there was always a voice inside my head that told me: You can do this! After more than 17 years of experience, I can say that all the efforts had worth it. Read more>>

CAROLENA | Recording artist, singer/ songwriter, producer, performer, actressPallavi Golla | Founder & CEO

To me, risk is SACRIFICE. The willingness to invest everything you have into something that doesn’t necessarily have a guaranteed outcome. The ability to live in faith and not make decisions based off of fear. Believing that the passion and gifts you’ve been given are worth every ounce of dedication put in. The courage to follow through and not give up – despite the difficult moments or people’s opinions. Letting go of inhibitions, removing the ego, and letting your art consume you. NOT MAKING EXCUSES. Knowing your worth!!!.bWanting the best for yourself and those around you. Doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals/vision with no questions asked. Read more>>

Pallavi Golla | Founder & CEO

I’ve always been someone that was willing to take “measured” risk as I like to call it! Making decisions after doing research so I feel confident about the pros and cons. I started my career working at hedge funds and after 5 years decided I didn’t want a long term career in this field. I’ve always had a burning desire to start my own business and work on a product oriented business that solves a problem. So when I started business school I had a goal to start a business or work for a startup. I ended up spending most of my graduate school experience researching a business idea (in the wine industry) and using professors and resources to make the leap. After graduating, that business was operating but it wasn’t thriving so I made a decision that it was better to take a full-time job and ended up working for my competitor! I moved industries and careers by giving something a shot. Read more>>

Aimee & Sue: Sisters Say Stuff | Authors and Artist (Aimee)

Sue says: In my younger years, I was always what I like to call an “emotional risk-taker,” jumping into relationships before properly assessing the person under consideration or the circumstances. Now that I am older, the kind of risks I am taking are different, as I try to finally construct the life I want for myself. As I mention in our book, I took a significant financial risk when I quit a stable job at the end of 2019 because the level of stress and anxiety it generated was overwhelming. The financial risk was worth the psychological gain. Taking that risk gave me the mental space to build and create, and here we are! Aimee & Sue – Sisters Say Stuff! Aimee says: As my much younger self, I was lucky enough to have a general confidence that translated into steady and positive forward motion in life and career that didn’t really require me to think much about the subject of risk. But I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older, having for many years stepped back from career after the birth of my son, the idea of risk has become particularly interesting to me, especially as I embark on this adventure with my sister. Read more>>

Rodrigo Tasca | Video Strategist & YouTuber

Allowing myself to take risks has been one of the most important lessons I learned in my life. At the root of risk, you will find a fear of failure. The only reason I am where I am today, was because of my willingness to embrace fear and see risks as an opportunity for growth. Before starting Tasca Studios, I had two other businesses, one I ended up moving to Peru for one year to launch homefor something very similar to AirBnB back in 2012 this gave me my real first taste of entrepreneurship and failure where I learned many lessons. Lessons that you can only learn from experience. I didn’t know at the time, but I was subconsciously training myself to remain calm under pressure and face tough situations head on. In a country where I knew one other person and had very little to my name. Read more>>

Samuell Williams | Personal development coach

As it pertains to taking risk I think one of the important skills to develop is learning how to assess the opportunity that is quite often hidden behind the risk. One of the most valuable quotes that I received from one of my mentors is “history rewards the bold not the timid” and what I have always taken from that quote is in order to achieve the success that you desire you have to be willing to take risk and be bold because that’s exactly what sets you apart from everyone else, and that’s also what sets the stage for greatness. This has been the case several times throughout my life and career whether it was taking the risk to move from Chicago to Philadelphia or taking the risk to start my own business, or once my business was established taking the risk to uproot it and move to Miami full-time during the middle of a global pandemic. Read more>>

Yami & Tina Correa | Sisters and Co-founders of The SisterYard

We deeply believe that with high risk there will be high reward. Opening a company is a risk from any way you look at it. You have to show up everyday, continuously invest time and resources, and do whatever it takes to make it work. Risk has taken a big role for us this past year, as we started our company teaching cooking classes from our backyard. Due to Covid we decided to take the risk of coming out with our first product ever, our Coconut Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. A product that caught more attention than anticipated and has brought us to the biggest risk our personal and professional life has yet taken. Picking up all of our things and moving to NYC. Read more>>

Jowana Knight | Floral Designer/Florist

I think about risk as an opportunity. If you don’t the risk you don’t know: you don’t know the result, you won’t know the success, you will be in the “what if” thought process always. Risk help give your ideas shape. Read more>>

Sydney Herrera | Model

Risk is so important! To achieve a goal or move forward in life you must take risks outfit your comfort matter the outcome we grow through this process. Risk taking has played an important part of my life when it came to switching jobs,buying my first home. Read more>>

Abigale Thomas | RBT, Student Therapist, CEO of Fumjolie

I have definitely made it to a point in my life now where if i hinder myself from taking risks , I feel like I’m cheating myself. Anything I don’t go for is an automatic “no”. Read more>>

Chereen Grant | Owner of I Crave Shoes LLC

Risk is a word that I find that is incredibly subjective. For most, it involves taking a major leap for something that can be life altering in some sense. For others, it may involve taking a small step that will lead to larger steps for the direction of success or life that they may want for themselves or others. For myself it involves both. Three years ago, I took a large risk when I decided to start my own business, with little experience. This was a huge bet on myself! Currently, I take smaller risks, but these, partnered with persistence, will lead to the success that I would like to achieve. These smaller risks include everything from cold-messaging influencers, athletes, etc for partnerships to even seeking advice from other business owners. I knew that if I truly wanted to change my life and career for the better, I would have to make changes and completely step out of my comfort zone. Thankfully due to these smaller outreach risks that I have been taking for my career, they have transitioned into my personal life as well. I love the phrase “persistence is key” because I have become confident in my future success as long as I continue taking risks (large and small)!. Read more>>

Stephanie Suarez | Boudoir Photographer & Studio Owner

Before opening my photography studio, I worked full-time as a receptionist for almost three years. At the time, I was frustrated that I could not move forward in the company and there was no room for growth. I had dreamed about taking my photography business full-time after years of having a part-time business. However, I had no prior business experience, my husband and I had just bought our first home, and I was not confident in myself. In 2017, my older brother passed away unexpectedly at 26 years old. I was 23 years old. It showed me that life is short, and if we have dreams, it’s worth taking a risk to go after them. After his passing, I made a one year goal to quit my full-time job and open my photography studio. I won a ticket to a confidence workshop in LA with my dream photography mentor named Sue Bryce. I took a leap of faith, hopped on a plane, and went to the workshop. It solidified my vision and forced me to take the biggest risk of all: to believe in myself and give myself permission to fail. Read more>>

Gilberto Rosas | Marketing Agency Owner, Maverick Media Lab

Risk is necessary for growth and seeing the rewards that life has to offer. That couldn’t be anymore truth than in business. When you take a risk to innovate or bet on yourself and your business, the marketplace will reward you. The things I used to view as risky a couple years ago I don’t view as risky anymore. The way to face risk is by cultivating more trust in self. The more you trust yourself, the bigger bets you can take. To truly cultivate self trust comes from not only the big decisions but also the very small decisions that are taken every day. It all comes down to how much you’re following through on what you said you would do. Every action that’s completed sends a signal to your subconscious mind that tells your brain that what you say you actually mean and follow through on. The brain follows proof not promises. If you can show your mind with your actions that you’re someone who does what they say they will do, your belief in self will skyrocket quickly and the risks that you can take will be that much bigger. Read more>>

Gena Sims | Performer & Autism Theater Project Founder

I’m working on being a better, more frequent risk taker everyday. I’m naturally a very cautious person, sometimes to a fault. But the most wonderful moments I’ve had and accomplishments I’ve made, happened when I took a risk. I think what’s uncomfortable about taking risks is that unfamiliar, nervous energy I feel, when I know I’m outside my comfort zone. So I remind myself that nervousness could just be excitement for what’s to come. I learned that from a wise friend in high school: if you tell your body your nerves are really just excitement, your body could believe you. And when I know in my gut that this “risk”, in reality, is a safe, progressive step outside my comfort zone, I try to get myself to take it. Read more>>

Jamie Spruill | Entrepreneur, Owner of Amile

I once was told success is on the other side of fear. Whenever taking a risk I tell myself this may be successful or it won’t be but I won’t know unless I take it. I took a risk starting my career and I don’t regret it I have good days and bad days but every day I get up I give it my all and keep going. Read more>>