The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Heidi Eiffert | Portrait Artist

Balance is a tricky concept. I do believe you can achieve perfect balance but it’s very difficult to sustain. Instead I think it’s best to prioritize your morals and values and do your best to make sure your home life and work life align. Reevaluate what’s your goals and priorities every so often to make sure your job and life are working together to support the best version of you. If something is clashing then pivot and work to fix the disruption. When we first started our career we worked 24/7. We were single, no kids, didn’t own a home yet. We were quite free and we could choose how to spend our time. We invested a large majority to our career. As the years went on and we got married, added kids and a home to the mix we realized our work-home balance had to shift. We had to work within daycare hours, then school hours. We had to pivot what type of work we accepted. For instance in our early career we photographed weddings all over the world. This required lots of travel and weekend hours. Read more>>

Rico Ace | Artist

My work life balance has slightly changed over time leaning towards a little bit less work and me being more present in my life outside of music. Growing up I always put my everything into whatever I was currently into. I feel like I have always leaned more toward work than play but lately I have been trying to maximize my productivity while cutting down my hours in the studio or working form home on my laptop. I think it’s definitely important because without time to work on your mind, soul, and body, your work will eventually suffer. Read more>>

Geraldine Dorema | Busy Mom Coach, CEO, Author

My balance has changed tremendously! There was a time when I felt overwhelmed, trying to accomplish everything at once. I realized I was burning myself out and not getting things done. Now I have the proper tools to balance everything on my plate without burning myself out, actually being productive, and making time for self care to keep my sanity. Read more>>

Casey Cheek | Hair and Makeup Artist

Work life balance is the toughest subject for me regarding my career. In today’s world everything is so immediate. In the beginning of my career I only had to think of myself and the choices I made were always for the betterment of my career. Then I started a family and things changed. I had to split my time between work and family. It is sometimes difficult to be present in either situation because I feel like I’m shorting one or the other. When a client reaches out to me they expect a response almost immediately. There are many times when this is possible. However when I am with my family and trying to be present with them , it’s a tough choice as to whether I should keep an eye on my phone or email or just be present in the moment. There have been moments when I’ve missed an opportunity because I didn’t answer immediately but also there are times I have missed being with my husband and children because of work. I try hard to balance the two and I realize that this career will only last so long but family is forever. Read more>>

Sara Quriconi | Creative Director, Actress, On-Camera Talent

When you set your own standard, or personal bar, the only person you can hold responsible for your own disappointment is yourself. That can be both liberating, and overwhelming at the same time, because it shows how much power we as individuals hold within our own capacity. So, let’s break this down a bit. Holding integrity means you are honest. Truth is at your core: you live it, breathe it, talk it, and act it. There are no lies! Therefore, there is total freedom. When you act from truth, you also need to become totally confident in yourself, learn from the past, but without lingering in it for too long to keep moving forward. This creates fast action and little room for shame or guilt looking back. It’s a waste of energy. Holding integrity also means you hold strong, high moral principles or values for both yourself and those you surround yourself with. This leads you to learn faster, achieve higher, trust deeper, and elevate yourself and the cause you strive for. For me, that’s inspiring and empowering others to be their healthiest, best, most authentic selves. Read more>>

April Brown | Psychotherapist

For me, it would have to be relationships. Relationships can be our greatest resource when they are supportive and loving, They can lift us up, change our perspective, allow us to feel whole. At the same time, if they are weak or broken they can cause loneliness, anger, destruction and immense pain. They have so much power over our life. The relationship we have with our parents as children can be so formative on our future. The relationship we have with our partners can greatly impact our trajectory. No matter their impact on our lives, relationships are also hard work. They are an investment of time and work and self-awareness. The value I place on relationships is the reason why I pursued a career in marriage and family therapy. I have seen relationships at their pinnacle and I have also seem them at their demise. My career commitment is to help people find ways to ensure that the relationships in their lives are not emotionally draining and destructive, but supportive and meaningful. Read more>>

Laurie Kaye Davis | Committed Nonprofit Leader

Integrity matters most to me and I believe that people want to work for those who are ethical, They know that if their leader acts with integrity, that leader will treat them right and do what’s best for the business. Integrity means doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. Leaders know that honesty and integrity are the foundations of leadership. Leaders stand up for what they believe in. People recognize those who live by high moral standards, and know that they can place their trust in them. If you’ keep promises and commitments, and do the right thing in every area of your life, you’ll be known as an authentically good, trustworthy person. You may not always be liked, but you’ll be respected. Who would you have more faith in? A charismatic leader who beguiles everyone, but doesn’t keep their word, or one who keeps their promises and commitments. Read more>>

Mehul Jhaveri | Jeweler

For me, when it comes to Jewelry, artistic integrity is not to be understated. In any business, especially jewelry, it is very easy to sell out and abandon your vision in pursuit of profit. That is why my pieces are one of a kind. If I were to make repeat pieces of my most popular designs I would no doubt profit more, but I started with an artistic vision that I do not plan on abandoning. Read more>>

Yaemi Matias | Artist, Photographer, Film Maker

My work life balance has been a journey! It definitely takes time to find a good flow when there is so many changes that can happen but lately I have been finding a better pattern. In the beginning, I was more so separating work and life when my work and life are actually integrated. Once I started realizing that, it become easier to manage my day to day. I think it’s important to create a life where you enjoy every part of it and add pieces of joy into every area whether its work, family, school etc so that way it can be easier. Read more>>

Paul Silitsky | The Mindful Career Coach with 20 Years as Ceo of Largest Technology Recruiting Firm in South Florida.

INTEGRITY*PROSPERITY*GROWTH*HAPPY During my time as CEO and Founder Of answerQuest Executive Search, in 2008, I lost my voice for 18 months- I was barely able to speak, and could whisper at best. I had no idea what it was, and neither did the medical professionals. Finally, a year later, I was diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia, a rare neurological disease that impairs the vocal cords. Fortunately , I had a great team that I could count on to run the business day to day. I had a lot of time to reflect during this time, and discovered Meditation as a means to cope, and stay grounded. It Profoundly changed my entire perspective and was the start of becoming much more self aware, compassionate, present and clear on so many levels. I am grateful that I went thru this as painful as it was, as I would never have evolved had I not. I really believe to get where you want, to be happy, and prosper, You need to “slow it down to speed it up”, meaning by taking your time, being patient and thinking long term, you will get where you want faster by slowing it down. Read more>>