We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has play in their lives and careers.

Jon Nguyen | Restaurant Owner

I never saw risk in any decision I ever made in my career. I only saw opportunity. and looking back, when the outcome of any opportunity didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, I was able to take that knowledge and experience from that failure and use it as ammunition for my next life choice. Read more>>

Shea Zeigle | Author & Confidence Coach

Risk taking is how I figured out my purpose. I’ve always been the person who took the risk, when nothing is handed to you and there’s an opportunity for you to go get what you want, why not take the risk. I feel like taking a risk means betting on yourself. When you’re confident in yourself you believe that anything is possible. I took a risk moving to Miami, I quit my 9-5 of 13 years, told myself I’m leaving my comfort zone and I’ll figure it out when I get there. From that point I’ve been living and enjoying life as I see fit. That’s how I help my clients become confident in themselves, I had to do it for myself and be my own testimony of taking a risk. Read more>>

Jules Aron | 5 x Author, Consultant & Wellness Educator

You cannot be an entrepreneur without taking risks. Taking leaps of faith, overcoming fear and doubt, stepping into the unknown and putting new ideas into practice is all in a day’s work of a successful entrepreneur. Yet successful entrepreneurship also involves careful planning and hard work, and an optimistic risk-taker always looks at risks strategically– to be calculated and well-thought out–and failure as countless opportunities to learn. By giving up a steady job, you are giving up money, stability, security, for something– that i hope –you are passionate about, otherwise you are just not likely to succeed. For me, it’s holistic wellness, and after 5 books on plant based nutrition, healthier cocktails, and natural beauty, It is the only thing that continues to drive me. Read more>>

Stephanie Chisholm | Aerial Artist, Aerial Choreographer, Movement Artist, Conceptual Artist

There is a particular thrill to risk, something enticing about diving into the unknown. Perhaps I’ve done this a bit too casually in my life; thrown caution to the wind to follow my heart and see what happens. Sometimes the result is a painful lesson filled with growth and humility; Sometimes it’s the best decision I could have made. There is a risk each artist makes in deciding to pursue their craft full time, but there is inherently more risk for those of us who fly. We train and practice to perfect, to learn to trust our bodies in new ways, to defy gravity, but each time our feet leave the ground we are taking a risk with ourselves. It’s calculated, which we minimize and manage with hours of training, conditioning and rehearsal, but a risk none the less. Read more>>

Henry Torres | Writer

I think that risk is very important to accomplish our projects, desires and dreams. When we take risks in life, we discover our real power, strength and a lot of opportunities. After uncertainty, we develop wisdom, knowledge and confidence. Life is changing every day. So, basically we have the choice to create whatever we want if we go beyond our fears. Sometimes, the risk is huge. I remember the 2008 as a year extremely risky for me. I took the decision to quit a great job because I didn’t feel happy with I was doing. Every morning was a sacrifice for me to get up and go to the office. So I renounced and left the city where I was working. Then I took a flight to Mexico City with my baggage and one hundred dollars in my pocket. Read more>>