Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Jacky Mouafo | Travel Bartender

Life is about taking risks to reach one’s purpose. As a Cameroonian immigrant, I have had to overcome numerous challenges, but none have hindered me from achieving my goals. My parents always pushed me to take risks and to follow my heart. I applied that into practice three years ago when I moved to Miami. Three years ago, my life changed. My move to Miami hasn’t always been great but the motivation and drive I had in me; Read more>>

Sergio and Yasmine Arguello | Photographers

Risk taking is an act of faith believing you will overcome anything that comes and beat all odds. As a leader, we need to be more tolerant of failure, but only if it encourages more risk taking to pursue your dreams. It’s risk taking that drives us to achieve new heights and levels to our photography business, sometimes we think back and say “Wow” we have come along way in such a short time! Read more>>

Karina F. Daves | Life Coach & Assistant Director of Administration

Risk is basically taking the chance on something and knowing that whatever the outcome is will be figured out because you’re a badass. Seriously, mama –the minute that we start taking reigns of our power and realize that risks are a part of the recipe the life, the sooner we can start living. Read more>>

ELIZANETH INCIARTE | Fashion & Lifestyle blogger

If we don’t take risks we don’t fail. If we never fail (which is impossible), we never learn and this is the meaning of life to me. Risks are a good thing for me. You always learn something of value. 6 years ago I took the biggest risk of my life not knowing the future or consequences but I felt I needed a change and I left ALL MY FAMILY and friends in my country Venezuela, to move to another country and try to built my life as an independent woman. Read more>>

Vicky Dilbert | Creator of SYM Brazen

The word “risk” derived from the Italian word “rischiare,” which translates to “run into danger.” So if someone were to ask me if running towards trouble or going in the opposite direction of what is safe plays a key role in my career, I’d say absolutely. Plenty of the decisions I’ve made in my life have been risky ones. I decided to go to college in the country, which turned out to be awful because coming from Miami, anywhere else is a snooze fest. Read more>>