Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why?  Takings risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking..

Dalton Smith | Entrepreneur & Film Maker

Calculated risk is a huge part of what I do on a daily basis, whether that’s metaphorical or a real physical risk to get the job done. One of my favorite quotes is “you have to risk it for the biscuit” – ask anyone on my team and they will vouch for numerous occasions where I took extreme risk either with expensive gear, a sketchy situation or even my body to execute what no one else would attempt. By taking these calculated risks it allows me to stand out and show confidence in my craft. Balance is key. Read more>>

Paola Michelle | Registered Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Healer & Spiritual Mentor

I think life itself is a risk that we have all actively taken, otherwise we wouldn’t be here today. There is always a risk to all that you do; a prime example of this is starting my online Yoga & Wellness business. I didn’t always know what would come from it, yet I knew that in order to succeed and build the life I have always wanted, certain risks would have to be taken during the process. At times it has been challenging, but taking risks is what has caused an expansion within my comfort zone. This whole process has allowed me to get closer to my yoga practice by tailoring my preconceived limitations. Read more>>

Erika Schnur | Artist

Risk taking is a major aspect of being an artist for me. Most of the work I make is born solely out of risks I’ve taken pertaining to subject matter, material, or location. As a minority, female artist, a lot of my work is geared towards creating a narrative that can visually encompass those experiences which in turn creates a platform where I am able to articulate feelings and thoughts that are often suppressed. As a mother of twin boys, I try to instill the notion that every risk you don’t take is an opportunity missed. Read more>>

Monique Abbadie | Singer, Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker

If it weren’t for the risks I have taken in my life I would not be where I am today. Yes, some have been difficult and scary and have required sacrifices at times, but if I wouldn’t have taken the risk I would have never known what was on the other side of that door. I’ve always said “opportunities only come once in a life time.” And that could not be more true. Some times we allow the fear of the unknown and the fear of failure to steer our life decisions. We play it safe and settle for what we are comfortable with. But the truth is nothing amazing has come from staying in my comfort zone. I was terrified to leave my home to go to LA and pursue my dream on The Voice. Read more>>

Claudia Duran | Chief Strategist

I have always felt that taking risks was deeply (and sometimes even dangerously!) exciting, and I always knew that I was a person that was ruled by opportunity, action, and a fascination with diversity in my life. Growing up as a first generation American I think, had a lot to do with it, because all I heard about from a very young age was how I had opportunities in this country that my parents did not have growing up in Bolivia. There was pressure to really soak up the experience of what it meant to be newly American. Being raised in Washington D.C. Read more>>

Vero Murphy | Visual Artist

I think taking a certain level of risk is absolutely necessary to grow. Taking risk always moves you out of your “comfort zone”, and we need to do it to make something new, to develop new skills to feel more alive! Read more>>

Nicole Lopez | Yoga Instructor & Business Owner

I think about risk and an opportunity to evolve in all aspect in life. The role of taking risk in my life and career is truly being opened hearted with the process and being truly okay with failure or success. Both are very much like Yin and Yang in life they are both needed. Read more>>

Monica Desai | South Asian Entertainment Company Founder

I see taking risks as opportunities as taking a chance on something without knowing what the outcome will be. To me, risk is a positive word characterized by looking at the upside of a situation. Whenever I think about something that’s “risky”, I feel more motivated to pursue it. In my life, I took a risk to pursue studies in advertising and entrepreneurship (even though my mom prayed I became a doctor – love you, mom!). I took a risk to start a company selling collegiate licensed watches hoping they would sell (even though I had no idea if they would). Read more>>

Janella Bustamante | Travel Curator & Visionary

I firmly believe that risk is the bridge that will take you to either success or failure, both personally and professionally. In the professional world when you take risks and succeed, you are able to accomplish your goals, which leads you to achieve customer satisfaction, loyalty between business and clients, and most importantly repeat business. If you take risks and fail, you still win because you learn from each experience, people tend to learn from bad experiences the most. Without failure a company will not be able to define their future goals, nor learn the ability to act more confidently in future business decisions and that is what Risk Management teaches business leaders. Read more>>

Emily Fischer | Artist

I believe taking risks is an essential part of life. Challenging ourselves to step out of our circle of comfort and into the unknown allows us to learn who we truly are. Whether it’s calculated or a leap of faith, risk is important to a persons growth. With every risk, you grow more confident and you learn how strong you really are. For instance, going to college to study Art was a risk. Instead of diving head first into a career, I allowed myself to follow my heart. I knew that studying and practicing art was my passion, and I also knew I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t pursue it. A month before I was about to graduate, I changed my entire thesis for my BFA show. Read more>>

Vanessa Santos | Creative Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist & Writer

Risk is a necessary evil. Growing up I was very much risk-averse due to the own limitations I put in my mind. Whenever I get asked what would you tell your younger self, it would be, “Do what you want & take more risks”. Now I use risk as fuel. A potential fear of failure stops us from taking risks – which is crazy. We are fearing outcomes that we don’t know will happen and base our decision on whether or not to take that risk on ‘what if’s. So I flip the question back and say to myself, “What if you succeed though?”. In doing that, I push past the fear that the ego has created in my mind and take that risk. Read more>>

Dinah Toussaint | Hairstylist

Taking risks is truly essential especially in a business field. It forces us to learn & grow whether we lost or won from it. Without it we’d all just remain in the same spot & still doing the same things. I also feel like that’s what makes life exciting because we’re all always curious as to what awaits on the other side. Read more>>

Gonzalo Zulueta | Actor, Entrepreneur & Designer

I have learned that risk plays a substantial factor in business. Just with the company was starting to take off, the COVID 19 crisis struct causing sales to drop 90% due to the factor that a large portion of our revenue came from local boutiques. I had to make a decision to keep the company alive. Making face masks was a sensitive subject that could be criticized by many. In order to keep my employees employed and the business present, I decided to go forward with designing the face masks along with my team. Due to the fact we were on lockdown I risked investing my savings into Facebook ads which was a risky task. Read more>>

Cassie Cunningham | Licensed Hair Stylist

Risk to me is a breaker deal. The way I think of risk is a win or lose situation. Risk can be unrealistic or a fear factor to most people. In life, I believe you have to take risk; risk can determine what you believe that can benefit you in your taught process in whatever you have that’s risk taking. One risk that I took upon myself is quitting my 9-5 job to further my graduate degree and worked as a freelance stylist while attending school. As a regular employee, I worked and looked forward to my earnings every two weeks. As a freelance stylist my earnings wasn’t guaranteed. Read more>>

Justin Gold | Entrepreneur

There is the quote that says, “No risk, No reward.” I have found this to be true time and time again. We take risks all day long, some small some large yet we ALL mostly do it unknowingly. For example a small risk is something so small as walking across the street or getting into our cars, we do without a thought. Yet when most people stop and actually consider taking an intended risk, they freeze or are afraid to do so. Really anything outside of our comfort zone can be viewed as risky, BUT that’s where growth happens and growth is the priceless reward. Read more>>

Jessica Gomez Lopez | Artist

I believe what we call risk taking is viral in all aspects of life. But truthfully speaking, I am not sure why we even call it risk taking, if is something you fully believe on, then there should be NO loses. I think is the inner fear we build up and listening to the wrong people what makes it a risk mostly. To me, I am daily trying to gown and learn in my craft no matter the loud noises, which could be define as fears, doubts, others opinion, etc. But is a daily progress not a an instantaneous change. I believe practice makes growth (As hard as the process is. Which by the way, it is). Growing, going full force to evolve not only as a person but within your arts and craft, and figuring that out is a risk. Read more>>

Juliana Saraza | Owner & Swimwear Designer

I think no risk, no success. Taking risks helps me build my confidence and open up new possibilities, I give myself permission to try new things out, to learn, to fail, to grow and to explore. I get to test my limits and go beyond of what I believed was possible and I can go after the things in life I really want. Taking a risk to achieve my new goals requires courage to face the fear of uncertainty, but no matter what the outcome is, either way, I grow through the process and become more resilient and confident. Better yet, by building those skills it helps me in taking more risks that improves the chances of achieving future goals. Read more>>

Brandon Myles | Manager

The funny thing about the word “risk”, is the negative connotation that is associated with the word. I was actually just talking about risk with my mom, things that she could/would have done when I was a kid, but did not do. No knock to her and my dad, I blame that on the small town mindset of Springfield, IL where I was born and raised. Naturally, growing up, those same instincts and cautions were instilled in my siblings and I. As a teenager trying to find his way in this crazy world, taking risk into consideration actually stopped me from doing certain things as a kid. Read more>>

Cathie Reicher | Retired Speech Pathologist & Yoga Instructor

I never thought of myself as a “risk taker,” until the Miami Herald wrote an article about me having a baby, at the age of 42. In 1986, having your first pregnancy at that age, was considered to be “risky!” Thirty-four years later, it is common to see new moms, even older! I was healthy and had an easy pregnancy and delivery, so I am thankful that I was able to become a mom, and did not miss such an amazing experience! Prior to this, In 1980, my husband & I opened a restaurant in Aventura, having had no prior experience in this industry. Read more>>