Over the years we have connected with so many incredible folks who are building amazing brands and enterprises and so we’ve asked them to tell us what they are most proud of.

Hossein Kasmai | CEO & Franchise Creator

At Franchise Creator, we help businesses expand through franchising. Business owners come to us in order to turn their operation into a franchise and help them grow into multiple locations worldwide. With each new franchise location opened, the new business pays taxes to local or state taxes, contribute to the local economy and more importantly provide new job opportunities locally. As the Founder and CEO of Franchise Creator, I am proud of the fact that we have thus far turned close to 450 brands into franchises and seen each of them grow into multiple locations nationwide and even worldwide in some cases. Read more>>

Kelsy Valencia | Founder & Co-owner

What makes me proud from what I’ve built from Miami Writes co is helping others to push to become business owenrs as well. I’ve had so many messages from followers mention to me that I gave them that extra push to become business owners. First thing I mention to everyone, I have two jobs, I work full time for a well known hospital here in Miami and have Miami Writes co. I give them that hope and say yes, it is possible to be a business owner and have a full time job. Is it hard, of course! Are you going to have rough days? Absoutely!, but you can do it! You just have to trust yourself! Read more>>

Robin E. Durfee | Tea Sommelier, Founder & Owner

I am most proud of the tea business I’ve built as it was built totally from scratch. I do not have a background in tea so it’s literally been a labor of love and expression of my passion and creativity. From learning to wholesale, retail, package, packaging design, create a well curated menu selection of over 50 teas and herbs to setting up a jaw dropping retail space that is unique and welcoming. Read more>>