We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Agranco Corp. USA® & Oxynova® – Restoring Nature’s BalanceTM | Manufacturing for a better tomorrow.

We like to say that Agranco Corp USA improves the food we eat and Earth we inhabit through our animal feed additives and bioremediation product. We provide natural alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters for swine, poultry, cattle and aquaculture (farm-raised shrimp and farm-raised fish), using innovative combinations of enzymes and probiotic blends, high-binding mycotoxin adsorbents, and proprietary microencapsulation technology to deliver essential nutrition to improve the animals’ health. Read more>>

Carolina Ospina | Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur

KAARI SWIM is a mother- and daughter-owned brand, run by Carolina Ospina & Claudia Restrepo. KAARI SWIM’s mission is to create swimwear that empowers women – both the women who make it and the women who wear it. Even though our native country, Colombia, inspires our designs and prints, it was essential for us to manufacture in our hometown, Miami. We provide work to local, talented, and passionate seamstresses who have made this a business of their own. They have become an essential part of our brand through the years, and we frequently consult with them about our ideas. They are part of our KAARI SWIM family. Read more>>

Christine Llorente Cardenas | Founder and Creative Director

At Llorente Design, I believe in supporting conscious thinking business owners, creatives and entrepreneurs through thoughtful art direction, branding, and website design. I’m passionate about businesses who believe in sustainability practices, while working towards improving the lives of people, communities and our Earth. Supporting conscious thinking businesses is more important than ever. My hope is to contribute and offer design and branding services to these businesses, allowing them to grow and connect with their ideal communities. Read more>>

Julia Poliadis | Jules Your Eco Friendly Real Estate Advisor

As a Green Realtor, I like to bring awareness to the environmental issues we currently face as a community and provide solutions to what can be done to keep our ecosystem thriving. We are a city surrounded by water and this is the main reason why people live here and visit. It is important we take care of it or we may soon not be able to enjoy as many of us may have seen with the marine life including fish and manatees dyeing off at alarming rates. We must take action now by changing our habits, voting for those who advocate for the environment and getting involved with local non-profits that are pushing to keep our home the happy place that it is. Read more>>

Natasha Torres | Business owner / Mother

I feel like my business has an impact on the world by being confident in who you are and feeling good in your own skin no matter your size, shape or height. I hope that message comes through vividly. We are all about women empowerment and feeling good in our own skin. Read more>>

Pati Vargas | Entertainment Coordinator

Pati Vargas Entertainment is totally committed to helping the arts in South Florida. We have been in business for 15 years strong. Our emphasis is to do events which bring together local artists to showcase their work and network with the community that supports them and the South Florida visitors. We give free art classes to children, seniors and soon teens who are seriously considering art as a career. We do an annual festival called Umbrellas of Little Havana, honoring Art Basel Miami which is held every December. Read more>>