We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Merline Thermora | Fashion Show Producer & Blogger

My business helps the community and the world by creating opportunities for them. My event is to give a chance to designers to showcase their work and to have a platform to network and present their work. It has opened many doors for the designers, vendors, models and even myself. Read more>>

Darius V. Daughtry | Writer, Educator & Curator

One of the most powerful things that any human being has is their voice. When we are able to speak authentically about our experiences and perspectives, we are empowered, and in turn, we empower others. If a people feels unheard, they feel invisible. Through my work as arts educator and program designer, I seek to help others realize just how valid their voices are despite the contrary lies they’ve been fed. As a creative, I have found strength and enlightenment through telling stories. Whether those stories are shared through poetry, theatrical production or curating a multi-disciplinary exhibit, it is vital that the story is told. Sometimes it is painful, but that catharsis is liberating. How do you create a more empathetic society? You create spaces for people to feel. Read more>>

Christian de la Huerta | Author, Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach & Retreat Facilitator

Many of us feel stuck in relationships that don’t work for us or jobs that suck the very lifeforce out of us. We sell out on our personal power to avoid conflict or rejection. My work, and now my new book, “Awakening the Soul of Power,” helps people heal toxic relationship patterns and negotiate power struggles successfully. The way we embody, express, and relate to power impacts every area of our life. The book, (as well as my retreats, when we are able to host them), support people conquer feelings of insecurity and unworthiness as they search for healthier relationships and a life filled with meaning and purpose. Read more>>

Rebeca Burdman | Vegan Baker

Our greatest commitment is to innovate with the best quality products in the area of vegan bakery and pastry. The pastry is vegan, natural, organic, without chemicals, with the option to be gluten free, artisan made, guided by compassion, without animal cruelty and respecting our environment. We are faithful believers that we need a more conscious world for the type of food that we carry, for the love and respect for animals and our planet. It is to give yourself a delicious but conscious taste, and it is aimed at vegan or non vegan people, it is to enjoy with family and friends and create good memories. Read more>>