We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community.  We’ve shared some of the responses below.

lugufelo | Artist & Sculptor

Most of my art pieces bring awareness about what is happening in our community, inviting us to reflect on how can we improve ourselves to bring a positive impact on society. Read more>>

Amaia G. Marzabal | Visual Artist

I think as a visual artist and educator, we artists have a responsibility with the artwork we are generating. Not only with the final product itself, but also with the process. First of all, the process starts when you question yourself or what happens in society. I always thought an artist and a philosopher are very close entities, because both ask questions and rethink society creating a print and an opinion in the viewer. That´s why I believe in art as a social impact generator. Speaking about social impact in my work, I have been always very interested in social structures. Especially, on how we as human beings repeat the structures that have been taught to us during childhood. Having the chance to work closer with kids, made me realize how we all have more in common than we thought, and how the impact of certain situations during childhood can affect the future development of people. Read more>>

Rebecca Guez | Conscious Parenting Coach

This past year and most likely in the next few months, entire families; parents and children alike are sequestered, isolated, quarantined, and home schooling because of the coronavirus. Parenting alone can be challenging, but added with a pandemic like COVID-19, parents, as much as children, feel more stressed, overwhelmed and do not always know how to cope with it all or find the right answers. Conscious parenting is about supporting and guiding parents to navigate the waters of parenting. Parenting is not obvious, many parents and children feel disconnected from each other, overwhelmed, unheard, disrespected and have a hard time trusting each other. When a parent-child relationship is tumultuous and disconnected not only can home become a hard place to live in, but it also affects the other parts of our lives. Read more>>