We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others

Sharon Parry | Founder

You’re Worth It Foundation is trying to fill the need for affordable housing. But not the conventional way; we help give people hope. Changing the mindsets of individuals who have been told they can’t achieve freedom and home ownership, through Freedom University. Read more>>

Yaselyn Perez | Film Director & Content Strategist

I spent so much time focused on defining what my impact would be when I first began professionally. The kind of impact that we see from well known directors and documentary filmmakers. The kind of impact that lets the history books know that we were here on this earth and there’s works to prove it. I wanted to put myself in the spaces that would allow me to get to the point of being so well-known that my style speaks for itself and would eventually inspire others. That’s how I thought I could change the world. I thought that I needed to earn the eyes of a million people to make that impact. As I began reaching newer spaces and working with neighborhood heroes—I realized that my impact starts right there. Right in front of the artist that only has 30 monthly listeners on Spotify. In front of the couple that isn’t working with a huge budget, but wants to remember their wedding day. Read more>>

Mitra Javadi | Co-Founder at Marketing Agency Curated Saga

We bring people together from all over the world, since we have such a global community, different backgrounds, diversity you will always meet a need friend, opportunity, business partner etc. For example I met the Nutrafol team who helped me with my alopecia trough a mutual friend that attended one of our events. This also gives us the opportunity to lift important messages and campaigns to make an impact or create a change, without going too deep into it. Read more>>

Ken Ozuna | Photographer & Cinematographer

Impacting my community wasn’t something I necessarily thought about until the pandemic. When indoor dining restrictions were put in place, a lot of food businesses took refuge in online delivery services which required them to take photos. I’d often get called in, and as I photographed, I’d see weary looks about their boarded up and sparse dining rooms, empty in a Friday evening, and I knew that I had to do the best possible job to make sure the pictures are perfect. I believe we eat with our eyes, so if my photos make food look delicious on an app, I think it could really help the longevity of a business in these uncertain times. Read more>>

Kahlia Meeks | Motivational Teacher, Author and Para-Entrepreneur

Kahlia Meeks Enterprises is an entity which has a global social impact while serving our local community(ies) as well. I, Kahlia Meeks, am a the founder of a non-profit organization named, Jumpstart Towards Success. which assists our brothers and sisters who are struggling to make it in this world with no help. With job loss, no means to pay rent/mortgage and the inability to put food on the table, so many worthy people are doing without. So many dreams are deferred based upon unforeseen circumstances and we can help forge those dreams into realities. In an economy of wastefulness, we can put our funds to constructive use by giving others a “Jumpstart Towards Success”. Additionally, Kahlia Meeks Enterprises is an organization with a global following of individuals that is focused on teaching human beings how to manifest their pre-ordained destinies and all desires of life which are inclusive of: personal development; physical; mental; and spiritual well-being; independence. Read more>>

Kasey Render | Entrepreneur, Author & Community Leader

My business helps the world become more healthy and positive one person at a time. I focus on overall health and wellness mainly starting with the mental aspect. My slogan is “Free Your Mind”. Often times our minds are cluttered with stressors and distractions that deter us from our calling or purpose. I use exercise and self education to help others find themselves which leads to an improved wellbeing. Read more>>

Sonia Groot | Accessibility and Inclusion Advocate

With GrootTravels I am changing the normal travel industry to a accessible travel industry. Just in Germany 37% of the people that have a disability decides not to travel because the accessibility is either not there or it’s too much stress to book a vacation. One-fifth of the population in Europe has a form of disability by 2020 That is one-fifth of 747 million. And in 2018 Europe was making a loss of 142 billion euros per year because the travel industry is not accessible enough. I think with these numbers it’s pretty clear that there is a huge gap between travel and accessible travel. One of the steps to a more accessible world is information. A clear overview of accessible information. GrootTravels helps people with physical disabilities to see the world by giving the up to date accessible information of a hotel. With our booking platform we want to give these people a overview of the accessibility amenities in a hotel so that they can decide if a hotel is accessible enough for them. Read more>>

Lillian Khanna | Founder & Owner, L Khanna Productions

My company, L Khanna Productions, is a production company with expertise in “mission” videography. Some of my first clients were non-profits in Palm Beach County and still continue to be my most valued clientele. I started this company with the understanding that receiving donor dollars was all about the way is which their message was received. By this time I had sat on many boards and had orchestrated many non-profit events whose success directly correlated with the marketing. So I wanted to blend my videography talents with the mission of these organizations, and L Khanna Productions, LLC was created. My production company provides high quality, mission driven content and videography services for non-profits in Palm Beach County and abroad. Read more>>

Takiyah Williams | Graphic Designer + Brand Stylist

My business helps the community or world because my designs can give brands the professional facelift they need. By designing minimal yet creative and effective designs, it allows for my customers brands to stand out and boost their sales and engagements. Alongside my effective and exceptional designs, I often give out much needed business tips when it comes to branding and marketing! I like to guide my customers in the correct direction and let them know the do’s and don’ts of business. To date, I have seen my designs on products, billboards, custom chains (believe it or not), floors of boutique, store signs, and so much more! Because my clients are happy and confident with their branding, their customers are as well!. Read more>>

Consy Toribio | CEO & Founder

The mission behind my brand, Dominican Curly, is that “all hair is good hair.” This is actually a play on the Spanish phrase “pelo malo” which translates to bad hair. This term is often used in the Dominican Republic and in other Spanish-speaking countries to describe curly/textured hair. Through hair care, I learned that all hair is good hair if you just take care of it, and that is how I impact my community, by helping other women fall in love with their natural hair through simple and effective natural hair care. I think a lot of women are opening their eyes to the fact that some of us only disliked our natural hair because we were always told by someone else/society that it was “bad” or ugly, not professional, etc. In accepting your natural hair, you also learn to accept other parts of yourself. Read more>>

Cara Mia Leacock, Latoya Scott Geraldine Hawkins | Owners

Complete Cosmetic Recovery impacts our community because we offer high quality recovery services to post op cosmetic surgery clients. When clients visit Miami we think it’s important to show that Miami’s surgical/medical community is not only highly competent but also medically knowledgeable in the recovery process. Miami is the epicenter for Cosmetic Surgery and it is important that we provide the best care possible. Read more>>

Claudenie Mondesir | Psychiatric Physician Assistant and Mental Health Advocate

In the past decade, minorities often suffer from poor mental health outcomes due to multiple factors including inaccessibility of high quality mental health care services, cultural stigmas surrounding mental health care and an overall lack of awareness about mental health. We identify and understand barriers to minority mental healthcare and the lack of qualified available professional to evaluate, diagnose and treat such conditions. Minority groups such as African-Americans, Hispanics, Asian-Americans and Native-Americans are more likely to experience risk factors that can cause mental health disorders and that was one of the reasons this practice was started to help with the mental health disparities we are faced presently. Monarch Mental Health & Wellness Services pride ourselves in meeting the needs patients in all counties in the State of Florida. We are a multi-lingual minority practice that helps individuals in their native tongues and feel connected to their mental healthcare providers. Read more>>