We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Ana Catalina Rojas de Merkel | Designer, owner & creative director of Ponchos Rojas

The goal of Ponchos Rojas is to help small weaving communities of Bolivia, to preserve and continue the art of weaving where the vast majority of knowledge and techniques are in the minds of the older generations. We are working right now with 4 different communities in Bolivia, and with artisans in el Alto and in La Paz. We are producing beautiful products with them and we are strong believers of fair-trade practices, helping them preserve weaving techniques that have been passed down through generations, and also have an economic impact in their communities. We also create pieces by upcycling textiles and give them a ‘second life’. Read more>>

Martryce Roach | Visual Artist

Art is so beautiful and so powerful at the same time. As a creator, I find that I can speak on difficult social challenges in a way that is alluring and inviting to people. Art has a way of opening minds. It creates a space where people want to learn more and understand what’s going on. So, some of my pieces give me a platform to help spread awareness. Other of my pieces are so fun and uplifting that they are great escapes from the chaos of the world. Read more>>

Nicole DeCicco | Designer & Creator

Freestyle Travel Shop started as a small side business that I built while unemployed during the pandemic. Around this time I noticed that a lot of people were traveling to the National Parks because spending time outside was encouraged, and really the only thing people were able to do. It was also about this time where we saw unprecedented wildfires and natural disasters in the west and I wanted to find a way to offer support. In just the first few months of opening Freestyle Travel Shop, we donated almost $1,000 to National Parks, and are on track for at least triple that for 2021. We offer a handmade selection of unique products with National Park and travel related designs – from tote bags, to magnets, to ornaments. With every National Park product sale we donate 10% directly back to the the non-profit organizations that serve the park of purchase. These organizations focus on research, education, and conservation of their parks. We have sold to all 50 states, and 12 countries and have grown an international following of over 34,000 on TikTok. Read more>>

Alexa Rose | Writer, Artist, Meditation/Yoga Instructor

My children’s books as well as my classes are extensions of the work i have been doing for the past 20 years. It is amazing to grow and change as a person, mom and teacher right along with the children and families that i work with. There is a need for a return to mentorship. A space for families to connect, share and learn from each other. Through my meditation classes my students learn the balancing affects of meditation as well as how to truly hold space for each other. By doing this they begin to create a safe community that is accepting, creative and honest. We explore meditation through art, music, movement, breath work and community service. Some of the children that i have worked with over the years are part of the lgbtq community. Some are working with depression, anxiety and trauma. I also work with special needs children and always have had an open door policy. All are welcome All of the time. In the past few years I have published two books that are reflective of my classes, my family and the stories woven throughout the time shared. Read more>>

Sherrieka Othello | Launches Insurgent Cultivator,LLC An Artistry Development Company

We help the world by igniting the fire within creatives and entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and not let the ideologies of society today, stop them. We provide tangible tools that allow personal growth for individualism and creativity. This world needs the gifts of each creative and entrepreneur and we will not stop until they each have exactly what they need to achieve that. Our business makes sure that their voices matter, their ideas matter, their passions matter. Read more>>

Tiara Parker | Pulse Night Club Survivor & Activist

The plan is to bridge the gaps the world have struggled with for years. We are planning to change the world, giving it the peace that we all are longing for. Over the decades the world has experienced so much hate that it’s starting to take a toll on the future generations to come they are becoming numb to seeing violence, crime, death, and etc. Being an activist isn’t an easy job at all because it can either make you feel like you want to give up because people are not listening, or that your hard work is being noticed and they are listening. The only way to get through this is to keep going, if you can change one mind you can change the world. The Global Activists Awards starts with the community first, locally and nationally. We need people to see that there are others out here that are watching them, and that their names are being mentioned in rooms that they haven’t even touched yet. Read more>>

Brian McKinney | Business Owner & DE&I Champion

An unintended consequence of owning a restaurant has been inspiring other people that look like me. I’ve had conversations with customers who say meeting me or them knowing that they are eating in a black-owned business has inspired them. People have said that I am showing them and their kids that this is possible. Being one of the black-owned restaurants that helped feed the NBA Bubble made me proud and brought more people in the community into the restaurant. I love being able to have a positive impact on the younger generation. Read more>>

Isaac “Voice of G” Gomez | Hip Hop Artist, Podcaster and Videographer

With the Voice Visions Presents Podcast I try to shine a light on local up and coming artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs to create a positive dialogue. I know that there are others who just like me when I first started making music, felt uninspired and discouraged to continue because they didn’t have the mindset or the tools available to be successful. Through this podcast I hope to encourage others to open up their own businesses, start their careers and truly enjoy working on something that gets them paid and improves their overall quality of life. I wanted to also take the time and give a shout out to Roots Miami Kava. I started the show in people’s living rooms and now I’m proud to be working with Roots who has provided me with a space. Read more>>

Regina Silas | Social Entrepreneur

Minority Entrepreneurship, community and Economic development, building out sustainability in minority communities creating equity and wealth for minority businesses owners. We help businesses and the community pivot from financially literacy, credit repairs, business taxes, and book keeping. We specialize In Urban Agriculture and Commercial scale food production, through Cooperative’s and community ownership in both Miami-Dade County and Washington D.C Impacting our youth by exposing our youth to entrepreneurship, through food ecosystem. Our current work is focused on tackling food insecurity in food deserts. Read more>>

Janae Harrington | Dance Instructor

My business “Eyez Dance Down” helps the community and the world by improving peoples lives through dance, giving the youth hope that any and everything is possible, and simply being a positive influence on how spciety operates. My business is a business of universal language that only a few will understand because its presented through the art form of dance itself! Nothing more, nothing less. Read more>>

Lo W | Founder, Women of Color in Cannabis, WOCC, pronounced WOKE!

We are Women of Color in Cannabis, WOCC, pronounced WOKE! As a non-profit organization our work is rooted in serving our community. As an educational based organization we provide information about the legal Cannabis industry to BIPOC in communities most affected by the war on drugs for absolutely free. In addition to the information we share with our members, we provide opportunities to increase your skill set, learn about transferable skills, ways to become and support BIPOC Cannapreneurs. We support and create safe spaces and community networks of black and brown experts to ensure the advice we provide is thoughtful, timely and from the perspective of someone who also identifies s a POC. Read more>>