The first step to starting a business is deciding to start a business. They say the first step is the hardest and in our experience this is especially true when it comes to starting a business. Getting over the mental roadblocks can be tough, often harder to overcome than the challenges you’ll face once you actually start the business. Fellow entrepreneurs share their thoughts below.

Patricia Tomassino Gabriela Acosta | Floral Style Desingners Owners – Flower Bike LLC

We started to think about the business from what we like to do. Flowers are a constant in our homes, and we began to see that our friends asked us to make flower arrangements for them … So we began to see that what we do liked a lot and we thought that there was a business opportunity for us. Read more>>

Taimy Perez | Event Coordinator & Entreprenuer

Starting my own business is something I’ve always dreamed of. Growing up, I was always the host of my family events. You could always find me making sure everyone had a good time and helping decorate before guests arrived. I remember one of my friends was having a baby and I jumped at the opportunity to help her plan and decorate her baby shower, From concept to completion, I was responsible for coordinating the baby shower. I received great feedback from my friend and her guests. Read more>>

Elodie Alcindor | Writer, Director, Producer, currently healing woman

My thought process behind starting the “Little Black Book” store was to share and provide access to the tools I’ve used along my spiritual and healing journey. I got a lot of questions about how I learned to cope and what my process of enlightenment was like and I realized that many women who looked like me didn’t know where to begin in healing their trauma and becoming a stronger, healthier version of themselves. Read more>>

Angelly Graves | Microblading

I always felt attracted to a creative process and the beauty industry.I wanted to share my creativity in a business that lets me use my skills to help others look their best!this is why I chose Microblading Read more>>

Chris Weinberg | Wedding and Event Producer

Having worked since the age of 15, I understand how demanding a fulfilling and good paying career can be on a family. With 3 young children at home my desire to go back into the workforce was strong, however I wanted to be there to take them to school, pick them up and be an involved and active participant in their daily lives. The simple solution for me was to find something that I could do that would also allow me the flexibility to be present in the daily lives of my children. Read more>>

Marlon Doyle | CEO/Creative Director

well for me it was very simple, i was sewing since i was a kid maybe 9 or 10 years of age, then i started sewing my own clothes and creating things when i was in the 10th in 2017 i decided to take a passion of mines and create my own clothing brand. Read more>>

Lourdes Martin | Founder of Recuerdos

My mission is to build a business that cultivates and promotes the culture of travel. I want to inspire people to utilize travel as an opportunity to learn more about people and places….to dive deeper into the culture of a place and find joy through those unique stories. We all don’t have the opportunity to escape to faraway lands…which is why I launched Recuerdos to bring you products that engage your senses and connect you to the heritage and culture of a destination. Read more>>

Ivoire Lloyd | Marketing Professional

After years of working in different industries, and always being creative, I decided to capitalize on it. I’ve been the go to person for bios, product descriptions and resume support. It only made sense to now be compensated for it. Read more>>

Michelle Singh | School Achievement Strategist

At seven years old, I learned to spell “anxious” (with an x). I was electrified and couldn’t wait to share this new knowledge; so, I lined up my teddy bears and dolls so they could attentively listen to me teach them how to spell this tricky word. I remember this anecdote most vividly because it left a powerful impression —at that early age, I was preparing for my life’s calling: to teach and learn. Read more>>