We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Baxter Snider | Entrepreneur & Mom

I developed my baby carrier after working with families as a babywearing educator in-person and on-line for four years. Moving frequently as a military spouse gave me unique access to ever changing communities, but they all struggled with the same issues. I decided if the big-box brands weren’t going to listen to what parents actually wanted and needed then I would. I set out to give parents the function that they deserved, in an easy to learn and use way. More importantly, I set out to give *all* people something that fits their body. Read more>>

Daniel Britti | Chief Operating Officer of Bloomer Biodegradables

Here at bloomer™, we make the world’s first Wildflower Seeded Wax Tips which can be used to roll your own herbal cigarette. Whether you use them to burn incense around your home, or roll a cigarette containing whatever type of legal smoking material you prefer, you can toss our tips on the ground after use to hopefully grow Wildflowers. Our natural wax biodegrades after 9-12 months, releasing the seeds to grow. Read more>>

Brigitte Lu | Founder

“Our mission to empower women begins with our contribution to improving their economic situation, offering them stable income and a safe work environment.” Read more>>

Katharine Pettit | Founder/Artistic Director Katharine Pettit Creative – KPC

Katharine Pettit Creative – KPC spotlights social injustices using dance as our universal language, changing minds by opening hearts through movement. KPC equally stands for “Keeping People Connected”. Composed of humans from across the LGBTQ+ spectrum, representing different nationalities, creeds, gender identities, body shapes & sizes, KPC centers LGBTQ+, BIIPOC, & disabled humans at the core of every story we tell. Creating empathy through movement requires those with lived experience to come together in brave spaces and develop new works offering a narrative normalizing non-traditional protagonists. Read more>>

Marcel Perez | Creative Producer

As a producer, I have the unique opportunity to help put a spotlight on certain stories, all while adding to the representation we see on screen. My latest film ‘La Leyenda Negra’ is about an undocumented teenager fighting for her right to stay in America. This was during the Trump Administration when many undocumented immigrants were at risk of losing their future in this country. When the film got into the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, we had the opportunity to show this film’s message to a wider audience. Read more>>