We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Kristen Hoss

The Youth Environmental Alliance programs and classes help the community and world in a variety of ways, mainly helping people of all ages and abilities understand how we are all connected so we are all affected which we demonstrate through hands-on experiential education opportunities that follow an awareness to action model. For example, during our new virtual wonderful world of wiggly worms class, participants learn the importance of worms both in their own yard and how they impact the carbon and nitrogen cycles on the planet. Once they learn how they influence our surroundings, they create a vermipost bin where they use up-cycled materials from their trash to create a personal warm farm, producing nutritious soil for a home grown garden and worm tea to utilize as a natural fertilizer all while decreasing waste which would otherwise end up in the landfill. Read more>>

Derya Yenice Oflu | Co-Founder & Technical Manager

An estimated 1.5 – 2.5 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent) are manufactured annually, predominantly in China. As these large, durable, long-lasting steel containers continue to amass, taking up valuable real estate in cities around the world, and becoming not just an eyesore, but an environmental concern, there is a growing international movement to reuse, recycle, and generally reposition them, particularly as living and working spaces. This trend is rapidly evolving to become one of the more popular alternative building methods, bolstered by containers’ inherent stability, relative affordability, and ease of transport. Containers are currently used in sustainable and green building, as a student and affordable housing solutions, as well as emergency housing and shelters during disaster relief and recovery. Read more>>

Abby Raymond-Dow

C.A.K.E. stands for Community and Kindness for Everyone. CAKE is a group created to promote connections and community by creating conversations and opportunities to interact from a place of humankind-ness. From thoughtful posts and community meditations, to interviews with local organizations offering ways to volunteer and be of service, CAKE is a place to find friendship, build community, to serve others, and to be served. We are still small, but we know that big movements are started (and carried) by small groups of people coming together to make a difference. C.A.K.E. was born from the need for greater communication, more kindness in our exchanges, and more awareness of our common humanity. Now more than ever we sense the hunger for real connections between us- and we are answering the call. Read more>>