We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Sarah Sobol | Owner, Dandylion Vintage

Sustainable shopping has so many positive impacts, not only environmentally (by reducing landfill waste, carbon emissions, and water pollution), but it also lowers profits of companies engaging in unfair labor practices. My background in the fashion industry really opened my eyes to how these companies value profit over everything, including human rights. By curating a desirable selection of used clothing and other goods, we offer the community an alternative, sustainable way to shop. Read more>>

Dr. Bobbi Peterson | Orthodontist and serial entrepreneur

Being one of only three black female orthodontists with my own practice in Brooklyn New York is very impactful to the black and brown community . Brooklyn is around 60% black and Hispanic . Me building this business in this community (when I could have purchased this building anywhere) allows the next generation to see me and believe anything is possible! This applies to this community as well as the world! Social media has made it so that we are all literally just a clock away! I have followers from all over the world now! I get DMs from young girls asking for mentorship all of the time. I’m currently mentoring close to ten girls….. with my busy schedule . Read more>>

Maxine Belus | Facebook Ads Manager

In my 6 years working in the corporate setting, I had 9 bosses and only 1 was a woman. I started my business to be able to empower and support as many women as possible in building a business that aligns with their passions and purpose. I want women to know their dreams are possible and I will do whatever I can to help them reach their goals. Maybe I just run Facebook and Instagram ads, but I like to believe that the work I do helps these women-owned businesses to grow in ways they never imagined. And in doing my part to help women succeed in business and entrepreneurship, I am helping to create more role models for young girls to look up to so they can see what’s possible for them too. Read more>>

Bre Leach | Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

I believe Just B’n Fit improves the quality of life for the community. Just B’n Fit serves as a wellness outlet for those seeking optimal health, and guidance on their health journey. My brand also serves as an accountability partner, to help individuals make the best decision to be the healthiest they can be. Through this brand, lives have been transformed, new relationships have been birthed, and healthy habits have been adopted for all that have connected with Just B’n Fit. Read more>>