We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Ashley Goldstein | Artist, Educator, and Nurturer

I spend time on my mental health. I take moments to check in with my well being, especially when I am giving up a weekend to pursue a new skill or work a side job. I take into consideration that even though I am not able to do what I want and choosing to do what I need instead I am not sacrificing my overall mental health. Maybe that means when I work a 7 day week I am going to bed an hour early so I can wake up and take my dogs on a walk before the day starts, or the opposite Read more>>

Young Tigg | Artist and producer

Being consistent and sticking to the plan to become the Biggest and best Hiphop artist I can be. Not letting and thing get in the way of where I’m trying to go So I practice consistency and staying focused so much became a habit. Read more>>

Antione Robinson | Podcaster & Multimedia Generalist

I don’t know if this is a habit however I would say my positive attitude and outlook. I started to develop more of a positive attitude and outlook on life around this time. I was only of those kids who hated getting up early and school. I learned that those thoughts may be the reason and if I change my attitude and outlook I wouldn’t have bad days. Since then the habits just stuck with me. It’s interesting because people don’t know how to take it sometimes. They wonder “why he in a good mood and its 15 degrees outside?” Read more>>

Kisha Howell | Community founder, entrepreneur, doctoral student, education consultant, and organization enthusiast

Three habits have contributed to my success: (1) writing my goals and steps down, (2) ensuring that my goals are in my schedule, and (3) networking across. Every Sunday evening I spend time planning my week through the lens of my many ventures. I dedicate each day to a particular venture and map out the actionable steps towards that venture. Read more>>

Kemuel Roig | Cuban/American Jazz Music Pianist and Composer

I sincerely believe that discipline is a key factor for everything we do in live. In every area of our lives, we must pursue a lifestyle of discipline. When it comes to music it is no different. Sometimes I hear musicians saying things like “I never practice”, or “I rather be spontaneous” Well, although, maybe this mindset works for some musicians, I personally noticed a long time ago that all the musicians I deeply admire involved in the classical music, jazz music, production, recording, composing… all of them have a discipline daily routine. When they seat at the piano, the practice with a purpose and a goal. Read more>>

Chakeria Jenkins | Nail Technician

I feel like being consistent was the key to my success. In an industry like the one I am in, it can be hard but staying consistent is important to the progress of my business. Read more>>