We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Rahul Sen Sharma | Financial Entreprenuer

“Never take ‘No’ for an answer, unless that’s the answer you want.” My first job was at a record company in NYC, which I took at the depths of the 2001/2002 recession. Although many parts of the job were regrettable, the best piece of business advice I ever got was from my boss at the time. I had come into her office to tell her something she wanted me to do wasn’t possible because the person had told me “no.” She paused for a few seconds, looking me right in the eyes without blinking and, slowly but with a lot of emphasis said quietly “Never take ‘No’ for an answer unless it’s the answer you want.” That’s stuck with me for more than 20 years now, and been a big part of helping to make me succeed in business and in life. Read more>>

Dani Faig | Balanced Lifestyle

Positive habits are essential to having success in life as they create long-term practices that will allow you to reach your goals. It has been a journey for me to master some of these habits, but the rewards are worth it. These five habits have become part of my everyday life, and I recommend them for everyone to give them a try. Wake up 1 hour earlier: This time is crucial for me. Now that I have a baby and a business, my days are non-stop. Waking up 1 hour before my day ‘starts’ allows me to prepare for the day, exercise, shower, drink my coffee, and organize my workday. Read more>>

Melanie & Kenita | Picnic Attack event planners

Some habits that has helped Picnic Attack succeed are 1) Being consistent networking with our profile on social media, and our clients. 2) organization is such a must. When everything is organized things run smoother and easier. 3)Always setting goals. when we have goals or visions for our picnic themes or clients we always know we will go above and beyond the vision we have. Read more>>

Harriet Silverstein | Multimedia Visual Artist, Art Teacher

Success comes from constantly moving the “goal post” that you have placed for yourself. If I hit a creative goal that I have set for myself, it’s really important to move forward as fast as possible, onto something else. I acknowledge the goal passed and I shift my focus to a challenge that I have always wanted to add to my studio practice, like abstract photography this year. Some goals are harder than others and some transitions are smoother than others. It takes discipline. The discipline habits that go with my work develop over time and continue to change. Taking time to reflect is very important. Take time to rest your mind. Unstructured time is a balance for me. Read more>>