We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Florencia Faiatt | Mind-body therapies. International Yoga teacher & Psychologist

Good habits have been the basis of my life for more than 10 years. As a psychologist and yoga teacher, I think it is essential to lead by example, and a healthy lifestyle is the key to carry out this ancient discipline.
Yoga is a Sanskrit word that literally means ¨union¨. It´s a practice that brings together mind, body and spirit by putting focus on poses, meditation, breathing, stress-relief, and relaxation techniques to boost physical and mental wellbeing.
Yoga has not only helped me incorporate new habits but also change unhealthy ones. Read more>>

Joaquin Ortiz | Entrepreneur

With out question it would have to be perseverance. This may sound like a typical answer, but every entrepreneur knows that with out perseverance there is not way to be successful. If you are the type of person who gets discouraged easily or after getting rejected you question your idea and concept, then being an entrepreneur is not the direction to go in. You have to be willing to persevere through all the difficulties and come out stronger and more committed to your brand than before. Read more>>

Claudia Sirito | Degree in Psychology and Past Life Therapist

I feel like one of the most important habits I’ve started to incorporate into my life is asking myself, at different times of the day, if what I’m doing, what I’m saying, is what I really want to do. say etc. If it’s really fun, if it’s good for me or for others. I started to use my time in a other way. I discovered to my self with more available time to grow in my and carrer and purpose of life. Read more>>