We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Veronica Winters | fine artist, book author, art instructor & curator

The most important factor for my business and art is my work ethic. I’ve been working incredibly hard for many years first learning how to draw and paint, then learning how to take that and make it a business. I built a career in art education with teaching, writing books and producing video courses for online education besides evolving as an artist. Read more>>

Tatiane Maakaroun Silva | Immigration Attorney

Although I think that there are many contributing factors behind my professional success, including the support of my parents and husband, I can easily attribute my passion for what I do as the number one factor behind my success. It might sound cheesy, but in my experience, loving your career makes you good at what you do, which in turn, makes you successful. The main reason for my passion derives from my personal experience. As an immigrant myself, who has experienced the hardships of moving to a country where you have no friends, do not speak the language, and has to begin a new life, I completely understand my clients’ trials. I also understand how meaningful and life changing it is for them to be able to achieve their goal when it comes to their immigration status in the U.S. Read more>>

Morgan Delgado | Elderberry brewer / herbalist

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is the emphasis on relationship marketing. My main focus is to get to know my customers, and their families. Leaving them wanting to come back for the experience, in addition to an incredible product. It was the support of our locals that allowed me to be where I am now, I owe them a brand they can trust. Read more>>

Tova Palomino | Skincare owner & licensed esthetician

What was important for me and my success is to always have a healthily relationship with my businesses. I treat my businesses like a relationship and I want to always be fill wit love and joy when I work. I never want to view my businesses as “toxic” or “overwhelming” because I feel that will reflect on my work ethnic which would affect my customers’ experience. Read more>>

MARC.MADE | Musician (Hip-Hop), Entrepreneur & Scientist

The most important factor behind my success as an artist and brand executive is my Creative Consistency. The first part, “creative”, is literally thinking of unique ways to provide authenticity through my content, whether that be aesthetically-pleasing atmospheres, intricate storytelling, imaginative and trendy designs, interactive products and collaborations. Secondly, I want to immerse my audience in this complete experience of artistry “consistently”, so that they are able to know and witness the unknowns as often as I can deliver. When someone taps in to my content, they will see this was not an overnight espionage, but an entire saga with the catalog, visuals and product to show. Read more>>

Nicole Vazquez | Professional Dancer & Choreographer

Consistency. The thing about being a freelance dancer is that things are always changing. You can be solid booked one week and then the next not have a single job, but you have to keep pushing through. You have to keep believing that you are succeeding. Keep training, keep doing the things you did to get where you are. Of course also, celebrate the little successes and enjoy the process along the way. You can’t ever think, “when I do x,y&z, I’ll finally be happy and celebrate”, no. You have to celebrate all of your accomplishments and really live in the moment. Sometimes in this industry, you try and mold yourself into what you think everyone wants you to be, but the most beautiful thing is when you can just be unapologetically you. Don’t let the world put you in a box, you’re so much bigger than that. The reason why consistency helped me so much is that it taught me discipline. Read more>>

Eilyn Jimenez | Founder and Creative Director of Sire Design

There are many things that we feel passionately about and focus on in our work at Sire Design, so it is difficult to pick just one “most important factor”. Ultimately though, everything we do is guided by our goal to make the interior design and home building process wonderful for all parties involved, including our team and our clients alike. We take an analytical approach to design — we are structured, thoughtful, and attentive, making sure that every element of every design is implemented with perfection — in order to carry out projects with as little stress and as few surprises as possible. It is so common to hear of homeowners and business owners experiencing anxiety during construction and design projects and we want to mitigate that stress, creating joy for everyone we work with from the moment we begin a project through every use of the space when it is completed.  To do this, we approach our work very systematically, while also fostering creativity and customization. Read more>>

SEDA TURHAN | Captain & Entrepreneur &Business Owner

Women are strong by nature; this is something we have been granted. I think there is nothing we cannot achieve. My priority has always been to try to do my job right (I have worked really hard), the rest was time, patience, and perseverance. Read more>>

Luna Scar | Singer, Songwriter, Producer

As a woman in the music industry, the most important factor behind my success is my ability to be independent. I learned how to produce music by myself when I was 13 and later realized it was the best decision I ever made for my career. This skill set has not only given me complete creative freedom and control, but has also freed me from the idea of depending on others to get ahead. The idea of independence and making that attainable drives me forward because I can stay authentic to my message and not rely on a man behind me. I can pave my own path on my own terms and that is what leads me to be the most fruitful and successful version of myself. Read more>>

Oliver Diez | Music Director

The success my music program has achieved in the last two decades is due to many important factors, such as motivated students who were eager to learn, compassionate parents who- not only support their child but our performing arts program, and a school administration who supports and appreciates all my hard work towards my program. However, I believe the most significant factor which initiated this incredible journey for my students and I, was having high expectations. During my interview, back in April 1999, the current principal asked me what my goal was. My response was prompt and full of confidence, “I want to have an elementary school concert band.” I did not begin playing the saxophone until I was in the seventh grade, but I always wished I would have had the opportunity to have played it sooner. I was aware this journey would have many obstacles and would resemble a rollercoaster ride, but all I focused on was the result. Read more>>

Melvin Howell | Clothing Fanatic

In my opinion I believe in order to have a successful brand, you have to have a great supporting cast. A fan base is what I like to call it. They are the ones who either post your business and or purchases merchandise as well. They are the ones who help with putting your business out, they could be considered your marketing team. Read more>>