There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Amanda Kijak | Owner & Maker at Rainy Day Handmade

I genuinely love & use every product that I make and I believe that passion shows through in my branding & marketing. A goal of my business is to provide my customers with little moments of beauty throughout their day in places where they may have not had any before. For example – for years I’ve used an old receipt, post-it note, or whatever I had laying around as a bookmark. But then I realized this was an opportunity to bring a little more “pretty” into my life & to have intention behind a product I use almost every day. Read more>>

Kesi Gardner | Chief Storyteller of The Storyteller Agency. Co & Facilitator of Luxury Travel Experiences through LuxuryJa

My brand has always centered around my tenacity. A single mother at the young age of 24, starting in the communication arts, as a graphic designer, I worked twenty years building other brands, through the top advertising agencies in Jamaica juggling a million things and making millions more for my bosses. Then I looked up one day at forty and realized something. Read more>>

Chris Hill | Film Maker

I think my company’s continued growth boil down to two major factors. 1. Work ethic. A continued drive to accomplish a project no mater how many boundaries and barricades are in your path. A few years ago I was Gaffing an A24 film called Waves by day and at night I was editing a VR film that I was premiering in London a few weeks later. Read more>>

Brooke Beard | Nutrition Coach/ Chef

I believe that I can attribute most of my success to my passion/belief in what I do, and a neurotic need for “perfection”. My whole life I’ve been an extremely anxious person and have felt that I was never doing, or achieving enough. While it has been challenging to manage, it has also enabled me to reach goals that seem really daunting or difficult. Read more>>

Bryan Trueblood | Fitness Enthusiast & Lifestyle Guru

The most important factors behind our success at TrueFIT are having a strong team, creating/developing systems and understanding who our audience is. Having a diverse team (gender, age, experiences/perspective) creates a great atmosphere for growing, planning and developing effect programs. This allows for candid conversations during staff meetings that aren’t always one-sided; allowing us to remain balanced, relatable and relevant. Read more>>

Dr. Carolina Pataky | Intimacy & Relationship Therapist

Throughout my life I felt compelled to dig deeper and understand love, intimacy, and relationships. These aspects of life eluded me yet they continued to call me. I felt that if I could figure this out I could tap into feelings of joy and happiness that others seemingly possessed. Behind the relationships I was witnessing and experiencing, I began to identify several common factors which contributed to their disconnect. Read more>>