Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Ryan Nelson | Journalist

The definition of success looks different for everyone. For me, its being able to be light and bring my faith into my workspace. That’s why I have to say my relationship with God has been my biggest factor behind any success I’ve had with my brand. There are tons of things I could personally take credit for but it wouldn’t feel right because I know were my blessings come from. Not only have blessings been a huge credit to my success but also getting the opportunity to reflect who I believe God is to other people. There has been plenty of moments where I’ve been around industry people when a hectic situation breaks out, or a colleague asks my opinion on a certain life struggle. That’s the perfect opportunity to be a peacekeeper, empathic and understanding. Those moments mean a lot to me. It’s also the best form of networking because we’re not just dealing with work related issues anymore, It’s personal. You gain a friend in me, and life becomes a bit less irritating and more enjoyable. Read more>>

Mimika | Artist

For me, the most important factor behind success comes with the feeling you create for the people around you. In everything I’ve done as an artist, songwriter and musician it’s always been the top priority for me to work with good people, and to make the people around me feel appreciated, safe and happy. Making that the number one priority has opened up the door to so many opportunities for me in the music industry and continues to reward me because people will never forget how you make them feel. At the end of the day it’s all about the environment you create around you because regardless of money or numbers it’s only worth it if you’re happy and are experiencing it with people you care about. Read more>>

Gina Tomasetti | Life Coach & Creative Author

This is such a good one, and close to my heart. I would say definitely acknowledging those who support and contribute to my brand and my business is what has made me successful. Although the business has my name on it, the most important lesson I’ve learned is that there is nothing in life that we do alone. I am proud of the impact that life coaching and personal development has on my community, my clients, and all of us who are involved in the work. But honestly, I am even more proud of the effort and care that goes into creating sessions, products, branding, connections, and everything else needed to keep the engine running. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the shining stars next to me who cheer me on, help me brainstorm, hold me high, and support me in countless ways. The commitment that we have as a team is what generates success. At the end of the day, I am successful because I am loved and supported by so many other powerful, wise souls. Because of this mutual respect and acknowledgment, I am always successful, regardless of any outcome. Read more>>

Nicole Bruno | Owner/ MUA/ Hair Stylist/ Wrangler / Stylist / Body Painter /Special Fx Artist / Event Coordinator

I believe the most important factor of my success is being faithful to myself, my clients, and my family . Honesty is the best policy . Making sure you can commit to a project not only by actually doing the work, but believing in what I’m doing as I do it. I love making every client feel amazing after they leave my chair. Everyone ! From Children’s FacePaint to Brides and even Special FX makeup. Always being on time and communicating with my clients making them lifelong clients instead of a quick buck is the best commitment you can make. Once you have proved to the client once that you keep your word, word of mouth becomes the best advertisement you can have. People believing in you to do the best is an awesome feeling to have and when you have that standard for every job or creation the expectation of yourself always remains high. Even through hard times I try and teach my kids as well that a great business will always bounce back and never stop trying and believing. Read more>>

April Laura | Realtor | Helping The Best Buy, Sell & Invest

I believe it is mindset. You have to believe in yourself, trust in your abilities and sharpen your skills every day. Envisioning where you want to be and feeling that it is true is a great way to infuse great energy into your dreams. There have been a few times in my career that people told me it couldn’t be done, or it was to hard, “there’s too much competition”. If you believe in yourself and do the work, you will get the results. Read more>>

Jamara Brooks-Parmer | Founder of Uniqly Made Foundation, Advocate Coach & Author

The most important factor behind my success is CHOOSING HOPE despite the trials and tribulations that led me to start my Foundation. I shall never forget my mission, vision or my Whys. There has been so many times where I doubted myself and displayed imposter syndrome but Indefinitely I CHOOSE HOPE! Being able to stay on certain paths and connect with other families with Unique abilities always reassure me that I can be a inspiration and a voice for others. Read more>>

Nadia Sparkle | Founder/Owner / Lead Travel Designer

Hands down, my business would not be where it is today without my clients. I am BIG on customer service. I truly work to create a relationship with each of my “Sparklers.” I create invaluable travel experiences because they are invaluable to me. They have awarded me with lifelong memories and friendships. Not to mention, it is their strong word-of-mouth and repeat business that has helped solidify my 5-star reputation and success. I also think my own travel experiences are a major factor. These destinations and excursions are tried and true. The cultures, sights, and off-the-beaten path adventures I personally experienced are threaded through each travel package I put together. This business is called Travel with Sparkle, because essentially there is a little bit of me on every trip…something you cannot get anywhere else. Read more>>

Bryan | Illustrator & Graphic Designer

If I had to choose one single factor that defines the success of my brand, it would be: uniqueness. The ability to stand out from the noise by being so authentic, so true to yourself and your ideals that people can’t help but notice you. Read more>>

James Knapp | Chief Strategy Officer

The most important factor in my eyes is always authenticity and self-awareness. You must be true to yourself and others to remain credible while always understanding yourself and your gaps as well as your strengths. Read more>>

Kristine Ramirez | Concierge & Social Media Extradordinaire

I can whole heartedly say that I can attribute my success to the community of people that support my endeavors. I love bringing together the community in order to help build and grow alongside of one another, and I have no doubt that my tribe is to thank for my success. There is no need to step on any toes to grow when you can all equally flourish together. Read more>>

Halle Kearns | Nashville Country Artist & Songwriter

My brand is also my person, so it’s extremely important to maintain authenticity throughout representation of “Halle Kearns”. I never want there to be a disassociation between who I am on a personal level, and my artistry. With that being said, I have to make decisions carefully and conscientiously in order to represent my character fairly, while also pushing forward a career. Read more>>

Zena Tarantino | Classy Broad & Owner

When opening Revelry, it was very important to me that my personality was completely woven throughout the business. My attention to detail, desire for finesse, and propensity for displaying oddities on the walls were the most important factors for building the brand. Read more>>

Luciana Barbosa Moço | Co-founder of Travel Company and Photographer

I believe that the main defining factor for the success of my business is knowing how to balance the formal with the informal. It is to offer my clients an extremely structured trip, planned very seriously, but with the right dose of the atmosphere of a fun trip with friends. Read more>>