There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Kristin Calder | Community Leader & Literacy Connector

I like to say that in my career journey, my passion became my profession. I had already identified literacy as an important issue, which I wanted to dedicate time and resources to help support. I served on the Literacy Coalition board of directors for four years volunteering with a group of dedicated community members and highly accomplished professionals committed to the Coalition’s mission. I was selected to be the second CEO in the organization’s now 32-year-history, and this group has continued to guide and encourage me as I transitioned to the CEO position nearly 8 years ago. Read more>>

Natalia Vodianova | Supermodel , philanthropist, entrepreneur

Turn yourself into a brand. And your name will work for you. Moreover, since the moment of covid, we have completely become digital, which gives us many advantages and it is possible to embrace the audience and introduce your brand. in this case it is your “product” or you as a model, blogger, influencer. Social media is considered a business card and the possibilities of the internet is endless Read more>>

Tamika Bickham | Chief Storyteller & On-Camera Talent

I think practicing what I preach. We tell our clients’ stories through video and other organic content. I create video content for myself. I show up online and tell my story. I send emails to my email list of contacts. I think I am authentic and genuine. People get to know the real me and what I’m about through the content I create. I produce a video podcast. It’s generated me a lot of business and connections, as well as access to clients I wouldn’t have had otherwise. It works and I know that because I do it myself in my own business. Read more>>

Nicolas Martinez Balceros | Creative advertising, art director

I think the most important thing about success is never believing that you have achieved it, it is something for which you must work daily. Thinking that you are successful makes you stagnate in a comfortable place, slows your creativity and your ability to innovate Read more>>

Natasha Trueblood | Activist, Educator, & Entrepreneur

As an activist, educator and entrepreneur, the most important factor behind my success and that of my brands is keeping in mind a quote my father (repeatedly) shared with me as a kid, “Failing to plan, is planning to fail.” Keeping this quote close to my heart and mind, has allowed me to keep a steady eye on my long-term goals, while also adjusting to new perspectives on achieving my dreams which arise from my selective risk taking. Read more>>

Vanessa Valentin | Artist Developer, Vocal & Performance Coach, Music Therapist & Program Director.

Rising Starz is a Music & Performance Training Academy dedicated to providing quality education and experiences that motivate students to bring out their best. At Rising Starz, we build “Confidence Through Artistry” and unlock hidden talents that help our students thrive. We turn passion into action and train for real life experiences with techniques that produce results. We are a leadership academy creating the building blocks for a successful performer and we enjoy watching our students reach levels they never thought possible. Our vision is that every student become a self-loving artist who realizes their greatness and reaches for the stars! Read more>>

Marc Kamel | Travel Consulting Business

For me, there’s a few things that must remain consistent in order to have success. Passion is the first one. It is what led me to starting my own business in the industry I am in, and it is what keeps me motivated every day. The 2nd factor is a mix of branding, and customer service. The name Travel With Marc was chosen because there is a much more personal, and valuable offer when booking with us. You have access to our expertise, help, and added value from start to finish. For those who join group vacations, a series of events are organized leading to a vacation, often resulting in an even better trip, and friendships that last a lifetime. Everything we do is branded. Read more>>

Katie Helow | Yoga Instructor & Owner/Founder of Casita Yoga Studio

Without question the most valuable factor behind the success of my studio has been authenticity. By being direct and transparent in both our marketing and teaching style, we’ve been able to attract ideal clients who resonate deeply with what we offer. Read more>>

Daniel Torres | Sports Broadcaster

The most important factor behind my success and the early success of my brand has always been work ethic. As a kid growing up I always saw my parents work so hard so that they can provide for my sister and I. I personally think that you don’t have to be the smartest in the room to succeed but if you have a consistent work ethic it’ll take you places. I tell this to my team all the time as we continue to expand and reach new levels. Consistency is a key in this business and it’s something I’ve had instilled in me as a kid. That is why I’ve reached the level I am at and only 22 years old. Read more>>

Kenya Caywood | Creator/ CEO of Soundoff Cosmetics

When I take the time to think what factors contributed to the success of my business the first thing that comes to mind is Manifestation. Envisioning myself succeeding gave me the drive and courage to go for my dreams. During the global pandemic I was in a similar situation as most, in the house. I felt lost. But through darkness came light. I knew that a 9-5 was not something that I wanted to do forever and now I had the time to make the change. I started doubting myself, questioning if anyone would support me. Soon after I read an article on the power of manifestation, so that is what I did. Instead of worrying, I started imaging my successes, my victories, and my accomplishments. And with every thought my vision became clearer and Soundoff Cosmetics was born. Read more>>

Shaughn Wright | Event Director

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is quality of work. I ensure that whatever event I conceptualize and execute is of the highest premium value to our patrons and they get an awesome experience. Read more>>

Nue Road | It’s Not Just A Show…It’s An Experience

The biggest factor behind our success is first our family dynamic. We do not just perform together but we are a family. We believe in this unit far beyond just the band. We support and encourage each other in all aspects of life. Probably even more important than that is each of our spiritual walks. This is more than just talent. What we do is from our hearts and we enjoy making people feel good with the gifts we have been blessed with. We stay true to who we are, and the ultimate vision of Nue Road; People feel the sincerity and genuineness in that. Read more>>

Colette Santo | Master Life Coach

I am innately compassionate and driven to help others live a better quality of life. I have years of experience being intuitive, educated and motivated. My motivation is contagious in the best possible way. Read more>>