There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Carlos Velez | Architecture and Interior Photographer

I think that in order to succeed there are different aspects to be considered. The most important thing is to love what you do and do it with passion. I also think that it is very important to specialize in one kind of photography and get the best of every shot with the experience that is gained day by day. In my case I saw a great opportunity in architecture and interior photography and I am always looking forward to be the best and this is why I am constantly learning from my own projects, people and photographers that inspire me to follow this path. Read more>>

Panos Sinaidis | CEO of Nightlife MiamiVice

Nightlife MiamiVice is one of the best concierge agencies in Miami. The most important factor behind our success is that the agency is composed with people who love what they do! Of course, we had many difficult moments when we first started but the team always believed in our goal and never gave up. We work hard and using our unrivaled contacts, we provide services as luxury car rentals, villas/mansion rentals, we arrange private yachts, helicopter tours, and secure a hard to get dinner/party reservation at the hottest restaurants/nightclubs in town. We successfully organize bachelor/bachelorette parties, pool parties, music events, boat parties, birthday parties and anniversaries, offering packages that cover the expectations of our clients. Our main goal was and always be to make our clients happy and have a beautiful experience in Miami. That’s the key of success. Read more>>

Alicia Smith | Owner & Chef

Having a positive attitude and taking an interest in our customers. What starts as a visit to Quvo swiftly becomes an addition to our family. Read more>>

Neffy Ford | Entrepreneur

I think most important factor behind my success and the success of my business is my faith in God. I believe it is normal to feel discouraged or unmotivated at times, especially after dealing with adversities, but the one thing that has always kept me moving forward is my faith. God has proven time and time again that he will always make a way for me to be who he has called me to be. Read more>>

Joan-Maureen Rojas | Gardener & Boutique Owner

I’m Jo, from Jojo’s Garden and I am delighted to brighten your day with a little back story about my success. I began my garden with a small succulent given to me by my best friend of 10 years (and now business partner of Shop Shakti) about 5 years ago. I ended up naming her Sonny and well, a hobby turned into a passion and a passion turned into a business. Many factors are considered when starting and running a business, for me the ones that stand out the most are communication and great customer service. I love what I do, but my business wouldn’t be here today if not for my incredible customers. They are truly the energy behind my creations and my core value is to always respect and honor their time and business. I take pride and passion in processing orders quickly so the waiting period is short and consistently following up on orders. I also intuitively personalize every order based on the energy I receive while interacting with the customer making my arrangements that much more unique; no arrangement is alike! When you purchase from Jojo’s Garden, you are not just receiving another arrangement, you are receiving succulents grown with so much love and positive energy. I hope to see a little piece of my garden in your homes someday 🪴. Read more>>

Leo Rivas | Business Owner and Entrepreneur

An strategic approach of the market focused on 100% reliability in execution and customer satisfaction. This market approach has given us a very special position in the impact windows and doors market sector. We are recognized as a reputable contractor as far as our capabilities to execute large and small projects while carrying high end impact rated products. We have also created a great work environment which gets transferred in added value to our customers. A great percentage of our revenues come from referrals as both repeat and new businesses from previous clients. Read more>>

Tai Hall | International Massage Therapist & Best Selling Author

I know what being homeless feels like. I know what starving feels like. I know what it means to lose it all— standing in a gas station with a line forming behind me counting out nickels and dimes to put just enough gas in my car. Knowing pain and shame of taking risks that don’t always work out being a flower that blooms in the dark allowed me to navigate blooming in the light. I’m not afraid because what most people fear I’ve already experienced. And that reality haunts me to never get comfortable. To never allow myself or my son to live in shelters or sleep in the back of my car. I never get to the “I’ve arrived moment”. I hustle, learn, thrive, and study my industry and craft and infuse everything I’ve learned along the way back into the company allowing my past pain to fuel future purposes and passions. I am successful because there was once a time when I failed. Read more>>

Greg Guerin | Photographer

Without my sobriety none of this would be possible for me. It has not only given me my life back but paves the way for me to create a new life where I can be of service to others and work towards my vision. If I never gave up drugs and alcohol I would have never picked up a camera. Read more>>

Sailor Kit Kat | Cosplayer & Content Creator

I would say the most important factor behind my success is authenticity. I’ve always been myself, even while dressing up as other characters or people! I’m recognized for the characters I bring to life and inspire others to also do so while they cosplay. I strive to take the time of owning my character and transforming them into something that could be a Sailor Kit Kat signature. Read more>>

Jordan Braun | Lifestyle Photographer and Innovative Visual Content Creator

The biggest factor and success of my brand, Jordan Braun Photography, can be credited towards networking. Creating long term relationships with people and businesses that could use eventually my services down the road has proven to be the most valuable asset to success. My business itself could not have taken off like it has without the relationships I have built throughout my short time in Miami. When I moved to Miami over five years ago after graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A in Photography I quickly jumped into a job with sbe, formerly Morgan’s Hotel Group, that was projected to be a short term position. I ended up staying with the company for over three years, but it was during that time I started to network and build my connections outside of my 9-5 job with neighboring hotels and their employees. I quickly realized that hotels around the area were lacking in their social media game and marketing in terms of up-to-date photography of the properties itself and their food & beverage outlets. Read more>>

Dmitry Zhitov | Filmmaker and Photographer

Visual art is a big part of my life and I have always enjoyed storytelling. When I was a child growing up in Siberia my mother gave me my first camera and I started a wonderful journey of photography. I was fascinated by everything around me: nature, animals and especially people: my family, friends and neighbors. Magic was freezing a moment with a camera and in a red room printing that moment on paper. That’s how my passion for visual art began. When I moved to Miami in 2003 I attended broadcasting school to become a news reporter but found that being behind the camera was most intriguing. I started making documentaries that soon won many awards both nationally and internationally. I believe success is not just winning awards and being recognized but also finding and following your passion. When you do what you love you will always succeed. A very important factor to my success is doing what I love. From documentaries to music videos, portraits to street photography, I love storytelling and hope to tell your story with my lens. You can find some of my work on my website Read more>>

Katerina Wagner | Editor-in-Chief of Miami Art Scene™ & Managing Director of KPW Global Media Group

Pioneering and seizing the digital frontier long before businesses were embracing all the new technologies. I specialize in promoting and developing visual artists, art businesses and visual arts organizations. Miami Art Scene™ is Miami’s #1 art magazine, an influential visual arts platform covering local, national and international art news and information. We’re able to cast a wide net, generating exposure and visibility through reaching a vast audience spanning the entire creative landscape — including collectors, dealers, artists, galleries, museum directors, curators, designers, art aficionados, connoisseurs, art-goers and more. Reporting on the local art scene, U.S. markets, and the global art community, featuring personalities, artwork, trends, exhibits, and events in a concise, well-crafted style. I launched the platform in 2009 and began heavily promoting visual artists, galleries, museums and events with an emphasis on local artists and the overall art scene that had evolved during the transformation in Wynwood and with Art Basel Miami Beach coming here in 2002. Read more>>