A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Randi J Norman | Storyteller

Have you ever experienced an ‘Ah-ha’ moment?  Of course you have!  Have you ever seen someone experience one?  Seen the look in their eyes?  Seen the sparkle and sense of sheer wonder and possibility wash over them?  Those are the moments that inspire me everyday.  Seeing someone view themselves differently – watching them as they come to know a new aspect of who they are and what they were created to do – move me tremendously!  There is nothing like being a part of a person’s process of becoming.  It’s an honor and a privilege.  When my writing, speaking or performing of any kind move on the hearts and minds of those who hear it or read it my heart smiles, my tank is full and my purpose is fulfilled. Read more>>

Destany Anderson | Ceo/Founder- Executive Director of Peculiar Purpose

What inspired me the most were my own personal desires, As a child there were many things that I had experienced and plenty of child hood things that I hadn’t. While the things that I had not experience, did not affect me negatively in life, However I strongly feel as if I would have had the chance, or the community of people to help guide and navigate myself to my destiny. Then I could have prevented a lot of life’s mistakes. I want Peculiar Purpose to be that community, where young girls can come and express themselves without feeling judgment. Where they can be expressive without being labeled. A community where youth can learn to get along with others and learn about sisterhood and the importance of sticking together. I want the kids of today to be be better because they are tomorrow’s future. I realize that something’s does not come easy and everything in life cant be told. Something’s simply have to be taught. Learning from my mistakes and being able to teach others how to prevent those mistake is something that inspires me the most!. Read more>>

Maria Alejandra Hernandez | Engineer, Paper Artist & Designer

I feel very connected and inspired by geometrical figures and architecture in general. Lines, circles, and shapes that we are hidden between the mixture of nature and urban spaces in our everyday life captivated me. During my creative process, I like to include and show these elements in my work through patterns, textures, packages, and color palettes. Read more>>

Ryan Mucha | Artist

I would have to say I’m most inspired by nature. The mathematical order inherent in our universe has always intrigued me. From the winding patterns of our rivers to the reaching branches of the trees above us, nature’s similarities within itself present thought provoking questions. The geometric patterns and highly diverse color schemes animals utilize to attract mates or dissuade predators never cease to inspire the creative mind. Read more>>