Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Jayma & Kevin Edman | Vintage Shop Owners

Our mission is to leave the planet better than when we arrived. We’ve shopped second hand most of our lives for ourselves, for friends, and for our home. What started as something we enjoyed doing for ourselves turned in to a side project on the weekends. We would visit 2 or 3 spots to source from then grab lunch afterwards, make a day out of it. We also sourced anytime we traveled and during a fall trip to Paris in 2016, we thought: why not turn this into something more. We cultivated a more robust online presence and have sprinkled in pop-up shows over the years. Read more>>

Shelissa Johnson | Creative Designer and Owner of Its So Johnson Design

Starting Its So Johnson Design allowed me to rediscover my love for creating and designing. It helped me to regain my identity after being diagnosed with postpartum anxiety. Crafting and learning to test new techniques gave me something to look forward to, and helped to build back my confidence in knowing who I was outside of being a new mom. Read more>>

Maria M. Ruiz | Founder, CHIBILOULOU & Dark Rabbit Society

My desire for inspiration and self expression. In order for me to stay motivated, I need positive affirmations to remind me that I have it in me to achieve my goals. That’s how my first small business, CHIBILOULOU, began. I wanted to surround myself and others with inspirational quotes and poems, but create my own. I’m not interested in monetizing existing phrases or ideas written by someone else. Whenever I come up with a phrase or poem, I search online to ensure a version of it doesn’t exist. I always want to offer authenticity to my customers. Read more>>

Daniel Colby | Chef/Managing Partner

We were looking for a 20-ish table restaurant space to do a Chef Driven New American Bistro, nothing too stuffy but certainly upscale. I have cooked for others, in some capacity, from the age of 7, My business partner was committed to helping me express myself, on my own terms. Initially I didn’t think he was serious so I was just humoring a friend, who enjoyed real estate shopping. Once we found a spot that was perfect for my vision and he placed an offer on the location, I realized that he was very serious. Read more>>

Adriana & Roxana Infante | Founder & Partner of White This Way

We wanted to change the idea that home styling is expensive and intimidating and help people see their homes as a white, blank canvas, with them as the artist. We want them to inspire and aspire. Dream it up and do it up. Imagine, design, create. Then shift it around and do it again. That’s the magic of your sanctuary. Read more>>

Guy Michel | Cellist Entertainer/Music Educator

I’ve always had an euntrepreunurial mindset so it was inevitable for me to start my own business. I studied music education but I never saw myself being in the public school system. I wanted to dictate my own path Read more>>

James Shepherd | Interview Response

Freedom from the constant worry of financial security & stability. We’re conditioned to think that success can only come from following the traditional typical roles laid out for us by our parents, teachers, and predecessors. We don’t think to look outside that box that society puts around our minds for different means to secure an income whilst still having a passion for what it is you do to secure it. It was my dream to break that mold and step out on faith, my talent, and the partnerships and bonds that have helped build my own company and provide me with a living that I love to do. Doesn’t get much better then being your own boss and getting paid to be a creative. Read more>>

Lovely Lyman | Educator – childcare professional

I was invited to an event that I had to miss due to lack of childcare. It was after hours and I was that clingy mom that wanted my baby close. I was like it would be so cool if I could bring my kids with me and drop them off at something like an on-site daycare. I googled it and saw that it does exist but really available in this area. So I decided to go for it. Read more>>

Jamaal Bailey | Plumber, hvac certified, CEO

I didn’t want to be just a number at somebody’s job…. I wanted to leave something for my kids… Read more>>

Devin Browne | Founder/CEO of Sports Konnect

I saw a need and couldn’t turn away. I started Sports Konnect due to a need i saw in the community and wanted to make a difference. Read more>>

Aubyn Lewis | Son of The Rock – Serial Creator

I currently have three separate ventures that all grew from my passions. 1) I started Lion Art Design Studio as a means to pay for college – I would create flyers for campus parties and design project covers and portfolios for fellow students and used that money to help pay my tuition. This eventually lead to me picking up Webdesign and coupled with my marketing degree, I offer customers the full marketing agency experience (design, paid advertising, SEO, etc in a one-stop-shop. Read more>>

Sonny Etienne | Psychotherapist

I always envisioned that at some point in life I would leave the private sector and start a business of my own. I didn’t know what that business would be but I knew it would be in the helping profession. I worked at a psychiatric facility for 5 years. During that time, patients would often ask if they could see me in private practice. In addition, many colleagues of mines felt I do well as a private practitioner. This led me to developing a clinical approach unique to my style and theoretical orientation. The freedom of making my own rules, schedule and earning potential was a welcoming thought behind creating my private practice. Read more>>