Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Beatriz Yepes | Co-founder with Valentina Vernet of Mind Your Being

We started out as friends and colleagues, and we found ourselves having frequent conversations about psychology, neuroscience, and mental health. In these conversations we realized that there was something missing in the social media conversations around these topics. We both came from different professional backgrounds, Valentina had focused on therapy with families, children and adolescents, and Beatriz had spent her time in the neuroscience research field, exploring the relationship between emotions and the brain. Read more>>

Bonnie Roseman | Designer, stylist, wardrobe architect

My first job was selling photocopiers that I dragged around Los Angeles. I out performed all the sales guys because i was so good at following up and loved engaging with people. Not long after, I was recruited by an art gallery owner who recognized my keen eye and enthusiasm for art. I learned a lot and expanded my business from art to “art to wear” when I set out to represent artisans in all the fashion mediums, including gorgeous wovens and knits, hand painted and embroidered fabrications, and creative leather treatments. I joined forces with creative and talented artisans from across the globe and became a traveling boutique. Several years later I created my own collections for Home Shopping Network (HSN) and Home Shopping Europe. Read more>>

Tacola Mercer | CEO/ Makeup Artist

I first came up with the ideal for my business when I was in makeup school. Learning about the different styles of makeup and levels made me begin to gain interest in not only the profession but the background of it. I was originally only going to do only lip gloss but I gained so much knowledge along the way that I decided to add more. Read more>>