Ideas aren’t everything, execution matters greatly, but starting often requires an idea and so we asked folks to think back and tell us the story of how they came up with the idea for their businesses. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stories below.

Kashawn Fraser | Founder of Fitnessatyourdoor

I’ve been training people for the last 10 years and have had the honor of working with hundreds of people. In that journey, I realized that I could do more to serve people, so I started a new company called FitnessAtYourDoor. Just so happened that a thing we call coronavirus hit and while it was catastrophic for many businesses, loved ones, & the world in general, we were able to use it as an opportunity to serve so many people. This gave us a special opportunity to spread light in a dark time. When gyms closed, we gave people transformational results at the convenience of their time & location while also keeping them safe. It’s been my mission to not only provide more jobs to trainers who struggled with the business-side of training, but to bring a higher standard back into the industry where we bring the best, educated, energetic, health professionals to you without a hassle. Read more>>

Caro and Maria Villanueva | Caro-Holistic Health/Herbalist/Reiki/Meditation instructor and Maria- Holistic Esthetician

We grew up in a small city of Colombia surrounded by nature, and fresh food that came straight from the farms. We inherited our love for nature and medicinal plants from our grandmothers and parents, who used plants and food as medicine. When we moved to the U.S our lifestyles changed a lot. We got a little lost and disconnected from our roots. Our lives became fast paced, stressful and overall unhealthy. Our bodies reacted to these changes bringing hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, anxiety, and inflammation. So we both looked for ways to heal and regain balance in our bodies in natural ways. Maria dived deeply into skin care, and Caro immersed herself in the world of holistic health. We both became passionate about alternative healing therapies and self-care, we reconnected with our true essence, and found our healthier, natural lifestyles again despite our busy, modern lives. Read more>>

Kat Cruz | Professional Dancer, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur

I came up with the idea for Drink Your Vibes a few years ago. I am very interested in the subject of physics, as well as The Law of Attraction. I came a across a study by Dr. Masaru Emoto called “The Water Experiment” where he explains and proves the correlation between the vibrational frequency of words & sounds and the effect it has on physical / tangible things. It always stuck with me and I would use that concept to write on my own water bottles to manifest things and summon positivity into my life. During quarantine, I noticed water bottles with time-stamps becoming more popular to help track water in-take. I thought that it would be a great idea to incorporate the accountability aspect that the time-stamps offered along with the positive affirmations. I said to myself- “This would be my perfect water bottle.”- So I created it. Read more>>

Augusto Sanchez | Artist, Prop Master & Art Director

I always wanted to have my business in the best areas of Miami and when I started looking for places I realized that the rental prices were absolutely expensive. At the same time, I noticed many other businesses that had stores in not very popular areas and unfortunately not enough customers reached them. It was there when it came to my mind to use a mobile medium to create a 3D advertising system where exhibitions of real products could be created and where I did not have to wait for my clients to come to me but I have the option of taking any business to the place where the customers are. now with this new service my clients can take their business, showroom, store windows and products to any area where they want their clients to see them. Read more>>

Candi Nicholls | Milliner & Wardrobe Stylist

It came about as a case of necessity I had to go to The Sandy Lane Gold Cup which is the biggest race day of the year here in Barbados
As a fashionista I wanted to make a statement but realised I had no headwear for the occasion. A local designer who I reached out to for assistance, told me to make something She encouraged me and had all faith that I could whip something together in a few hours. I made a fascinator and it was a hit. The following year, I tried a different technique and wore another creation. I was photographed by the local.newspaper, seen by the who’s who, and CandiFab was born. I started getting orders for every fancy race day, tea parties, Easter, anything that requires headwear or little lift. Now all the fashionistas in Barbados and the region wear my headwear. Read more>>

Tip Carter | H.B.I.C {Head Baker In Charge}

I came up with the idea for Sweetbaby Treats after years of perfecting my grandmothers cake recipes by making them for friends/families, and Company pot lucks Read more>>

Irene Rivan | Entrepreneur

My first ideas for my business were women empowerment shirts/hoodies. My first and most popular hoodie says “women should support each other”. As someone who grew up around a lot of women I have a different type of appreciation and adoration for women. I believe we should always stick together. Now I’ve branched more into swim , which is definitely my favorite type of clothing. Read more>>

Dr. Danielle Cadnhead | Family Nurse Practitioner

As a first time mom who delivered a baby in the middle of a pandemic, there were so many changes happening with and around me including good ol’ post partum depression. Not knowing when we would be able to return to a normal lifestyle, trying to accept my new found mom body , and not being able to go gym facilities, even just for a piece of mind really took a toll on me. I wanted to come up with something that combined my work as a healthcare provider and as a new mom trying to get her “groove” back. So I created “House of Choi” ( my son’s middle name is Choy), and here we are. Read more>>

Cassandre Davis, Ed. D, | Parenting Coach & Girl Supporter

My 12-year-old female student: I wish I had a bigger butt. Me: Why?
My 12-year-old female student: Because then I’ll have a boyfriend.
Me: Why do you want a boyfriend? My 12-year-old female student: My mom told me I need to get a boyfriend so I can have money. Me: I see. Let’s talk more about that. After the conversation ended an hour later, I think to myself: How am I going to help this little girl and her mother?
Due to this moment and several other instances, I created my business, A Light for Girls, LLC. I felt the need to support the young ladies in my classroom through the support of their parents. I have seen first-hand, well-intentioned, misguided information lead to hurt, trauma, and confusion for young girls. As a result, I offer informative seminars on healthy ways parents and other caretakers can help girls navigate life’s challenges with compassion and love. In connection with seminars, I have also authored the text “Girls Talk, But Can She Talk to You? How to Effectively Communicate with Our Girls.” Read more>>

Davina Mohabir Taylor | Small Business Owner

I actually came up with the idea for my business during our first quarantine. I kept watching a lot of DIY videos and kept seeing just cute customized pieces all over the internet and I thought if I like these pieces I know a lot of other people do too. So I decided to do the research on creating customized pieces whether it was for cups, shirts, or glass album covers and next thing I knew a lot of people were messaging me to do some things for them and I k. Read more>>