Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Julio Cabrera | Founder

There is a risk in everything you do in your life. You can succeed as well as you can failure, but if you don’t try, you’ll never reach your goals and you will never make your dreams come true. When I decided to open my own place, I risked all. We faced long months of uncertainty, we struggled but we never looked back, we decided to keep going until the end. It was like “is now or never”. I knew I had just one bullet left in my gun but my faith and the total confidence in my project made me stronger.. and quitting was never an option. Read more>>

Samy Rose | Social Media Strategist & Brand Developer

Every business decision you make, you are considering the risk associated, so taking risks is inevitable. Throughout my life I have takes risks that have benefited me and even when “I lose”, I walk away with a lesson and can apply it to my next decision or risk. At the beginning of my career as a freelancer, I took risks by collaborating for free or little money with brands I thought had potential. In most cases these collaborations brought me recognition and more clients in some cases it brought me headaches and burnt bridges. Read more>>

Daniela Fernandez | Bella Quinces & Photography Owner

Taking risks in my opinion is an essential part of life. It takes you out of your comfort zone and can lead you to new heights. My husband and I have taken so many risks to get to where we are now. We started with a small store in little Havana and now we have three stores in Miami. Had we not taken these risks, we would still be where we started. Life is all about risks. You must not stay stagnant in life. The fear of failure will always be there but you must have FAITH over FEAR and believe that the risk that you are about to take will take you higher. We continue to take risks in the quinceanera industry, we continue to push the envelope and because of this we are considered one of the best Quinceanera photography studios in the country. Read more>>

Fashionette Finley | Owner & CEO

I’ve always been told that I was a risk taker. I’m not one to be afraid to try something. I strongly believe in, “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again” (William Edward Hickson). So even when I am afraid, I muster up the courage and just do it. So as life presents opportunities, it is always easier to run from them. Most times my initial reaction is fear and nervousness, which are a struggle for me, but I gather myself and take a leap of faith. I take the risk. I am a strong believer in God and in His word, so I always remember the scriptures, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1) and, James 2:14-26 in the times that I become stuck. How will we ever know if something will work or not if we don’t take a step towards it, if we don’t take that risk, if we don’t try? So taking risk is in my DNA. Some results of those risk have not been good but some of them have led to success and happiness. Read more>>

Katherine De Barros | Photographer

I believe risk plays a huge role in everyone’s life in one way or another– especially when it comes to artists. Growing up, art was always there for me as a fun hobby, which then turned into some form of therapy, whether it was drawing, painting, photography, etc. I had always been taught that I shouldn’t go into an artistic career because “it’s too risky,” or “you’ll be poor”. So I guess that’s where risk comes in. When I finished high school, I was confused. I knew I wanted to do something having to do with art. One thing that definitely sparked my interest was concert photography. The only problem was that I was always extremely shy around new people and the fact that I’m an introvert didn’t help either. I felt extremely driven to pursue this career and I didnt want to have regrets due to my shyness holding me back. Read more>>

Eddie Rodriguez | Interfaith Minister & Spiritual Life-Coach

Taking a risk was at the heart of beginning my career as an Interfaith Minister. It was a little over 16 years ago that I was a 25 year full-time employee at Bellsouth. I had reached a critical moment in my life. As I looked ahead I was faced with two choices, the proverbial two roads lay before me. I could continue my career at Bellsouth, put in 5 more years and retire with 30 years service at the age of 47. I could start a new career then with the security of knowing that I had a full pension waiting for me when I would reach the age of retirement. Or, I could resign, give up the majority of my pension and benefits and begin anew. Against all reasonable and sound advice I decided to resign. I remember having a little hesitation as I handed in my resignation letter. Was I making a mistake, had I lost my mind, who walks away from a secure future with only five years left to go. Read more>>

Mio Santana | Creator & Founder

I have jumped off so many metaphorical steep cliffs in my life that I lost count and I can say that if it were not for my openness to taking risks, I would not be where I am today. The most recent risk I took was when I finally decided to leave the corporate world for good and bring my company Divine Journey through to fruition. All my life I had tried playing it safe and did all the “right” things. I tried doing all the things that society encouraged such as getting a degree, working at a company, working my way up, earning a good salary and having a good position, none of which ever truly fulfilled me. I really gave it a college try as they say but came up short. I was unhappy and unfulfilled. I kept finding myself working for companies that were not aligned with my morals, principles, and values. Companies that were mostly out for selfish gains. Read more>>

Michelle Antunez | Owner & Master Lash Artist

This is a BIG one for me! Risk taking was something I had to get really comfortable with early on in my career. For me it was really hard to get myself out of my comfort zone because I had my son that I couldn’t let down, failing him just wasn’t an option. Until I began to realize that the more confidence I built within myself And within my Industry of the beauty world, the easier it got to take risk. I think this is what most people struggle with, and I can definitely understand why. The uncertainties of not knowing the outcome of your choices and the fear of failure is tough. Sometimes you won’t always make the right or most perfect choice, but trusting yourself enough to jump with faith is an amazing feeling. That is how I jumpstarted my business, by taking a risk! .. and boy must I say IT PAID OFF! One can not be afraid of failure, because it’s those failures that build our paths and enlighten us on our future! Read more>>

Erika Nelly | Artist & Photographer

You just have to close your eyes, jump and take that leap of faith! Read more>>