Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Mari Rubio | Pastry Chef & Owner

By definition risk is “a situation involving exposure to danger”. However, in my case I’d replace the word “danger” for “the unknown”. For someone that through most of her life had it all “figured out” and always had a “safe net”, I would say taking risks has played a fundamental part in the person I am today (and continue to become) both personally and professionally. Had I not taken the risk of venturing on my own and decided to be independent, I would have never opened Casa Gioia. Had I not taken the risk to leave behind everything I believed to be certain and true at the young age of 22, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t have awakened all these things inside of me that had otherwise stayed dormant. Read more>>

Christopher Gonzalez | Wedding Videographer & Photographer

It sounds cliche, probably because it is, but if you never take any risks in life then you’re not really living life to its full potential. It’s easy to be complacent, it is – but you miss out on so many opportunities if you’re just focused on the risk rather than the reward. Once you grow comfortable, you stop growing. I’ve found, personally, my greatest achievements and triumphs have come on the back of something that challenged me. When I initially decided I wanted to venture into the world of wedding videography and photography, it would’ve been easy to to talk myself out of it. I was young, fresh out of college and I had no knowledge of the industry. All I had was the desire to somehow get my foot in the door and seize whatever opportunity was thrown my way. I remember the day that first opportunity came. Read more>>

D Will | Music Producer, Artist & Engineer

You first need to have faith. I am a spiritual person, and I believe that faith is a tool that need to access when it comes to risk taking. In the process of investing in myself, I think of what this decision is going to do to improve my career/life. I have seen many rewards from risks, and I also learned a lot of lessons from them. Having goals and actually achieving them requires risk. Either way you will gain experience. Read more>>

Dustin Harewood | Artist & Professor

I think that risk taking is an essential act for an artist/creative. We all have different career goals, but there are some common truths in our processes. One would be how to differentiate our work/product from others at a time when there’s so much noise; so much to look at and listen to. How do we continue to push our work and ideas into new places and spaces? How do we continue to challenge and question what we do and why we are doing it? Read more>>

SHAH33D | Contemporary Hip-hop Artist

Risk taking is apart of life in my opinion. I like to call it educated risks not impulsive risks such as gambling. When you’re unhappy with your current situation or lifestyle you begin looking for something that excites you. Being that we live in a Society that accepts the construct of working a 9-5 job as a way to live, investing in self is considered high risk due to uncertainty. Taking educated risks is how I became the person I am today. Not being afraid to push boundaries of traditional thinking and not afraid to live my dreams of creating music. I worked many jobs in life but never longer than a year unless I was under contract because i did not want to be stuck in the blue collar/white collar structure. I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m further than where I use to be and the journey is the best part. Read more>>

Karen Quinones | Owner & Curator of En Avance

I have taken many risks in my 27 years in business. I opened in 1993 and took a big risk to open on Lincoln Road which was basically an empty pedestrian street with artist studios, an FPL office and a clinic for psych patients which was directly across the street from me. I had to install a lock and doorbell because i would have random homeless people coming in with grocery carts with all their belongings in tow. The doorbell added an element of exclusivity when in fact it was just added as a measure of security. I had my business on Lincoln Road from 1993 until my decision to move to the Design District in 2006, another very bold move. At the time, the Design District was mainly interior design firms and abandoned, decrepit buildings. It was certainly not a retail destination and would not develop in to the neighborhood that is it now for many years to come. Without risk, there is no reward. Read more>>