We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Jessica Juliano | Self-Worth Advocate & Author

I disagree with the concept of hustling, which, as I understand it, supports working ourselves to exhaustion and sacrificing things we love (sleep, meals, friends) to make it happen. Instead, I support following our joy, however that looks for each of us. Yes, it takes time, consistency, and perseverance to achieve a goal. Yes, it can be easy to give up when we face rejection. Yes, we are capable of more than we realize, and we may need to push our boundaries to realize that. Yes, we will have to make tough decisions about how we spend our time. But I do not believe we should give up anything we love or need to feel our best. Our culture is already overworked and lacking sleep. I would love to see us overjoyed and lacking stress. Prioritizing joy, sleep, or even time to do nothing can relax our chaotic minds and fuel our creative ideas. More importantly, it positions us to ENJOY the process. Read more>>

Tanard Davis | Professional Athlete (Jai-al)

Being average isn’t ok. Growing up in Miami I was in a drug infested environment. Seeing crime and everyday and my mother using drugs changed my mindset on what was the meaning of life. Sports like track and football help me put things into perspective. My mother and father knew right from wrong but chose the easy way to raise me. That fueled my desire to become something that they could be proud of and give them inspiration ! And that was to be a scholar and to find what defines as success. I love my mother and father , at the same time that taught me that being average is not acceptable. Read more>>

Andrea Ager | Athlete, Trainer & Founder of Embrace MVMNT

“God will never give you something you’re not strong enough to handle.” God allows us to go through hard things that we couldn’t possibly handle ourselves so we have to rely on Him for strength. God is always wanting us to surrender, pray and lean on Him for guidance – especially when we are going through a dark season or one with little hope. It’s so natural for us to try to carry our burden on our own but He challenges us to leave it at the feet of Jesus. Our faith gives us hope, even in the times that seem impossible to look for the bright side. Read more>>

Gladys Paraco | Hair Accessories Designer & Industrial Engineer

One of the most common advices is that i should take my project with more ease and not put too much pressure on myself. When you have your own business, you cannot let anyone turn off the passion that got you started in the first place. That passion is the force that will keep you moving forward at all times. Read more>>