We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Katie Cassin | Photographer

The concept of competition. As a creative I have never been inspired nor seen anyone else inspired by competition. I see no reason for it. Art is subjective. No one sees and interprets the world the way you do. No one relates to people and clients the way you do. You are perfectly unique. The clients that are meant for you will always fine you. Community is what makes art thrive, not competition. Read more>>

Kim Colletti | Yoga Instructor – Private Live/Virtual Classes, Domestic/International Retreats

Getting 9-5 job for stable income. I think this may be good for a lot of people and also not great for a lot of people. We are stripped from creativity at such a young age. I wish that is was more accepted to really follow our dreams and be creative about the way we make a living which will most likely allow for more flexibility in scheduling and gratitude for ourselves/life. Read more>>

Katie Gianni | Artist, Custom Framer & Design Consultant

“Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. Totally untrue. You’ll work hard. Harder than you’ve ever worked before. There’s stress. There’s fatigue. You’ll cry over stupid mistakes. You’ll lose sleep trying to make deadlines. But you do it for the love of your craft. Sure, I’m an artist and I paint a lot in the studio. I’m also the financial officer, the marketing manager, graphic designer, product photographer, commissions coordinator, and so much more. Running a business is complicated and time consuming, but when you have a passion for what you do, it’s worth it. Read more>>