Starting and growing a business is hard, but often deciding to start the business in the first place is even harder. We asked some successful entrepreneurs from around the community to open up to us about how they thought about starting a business.

Jorge Rodriguez | Artist & Designer

It’s quite simple. I love drawing, design and building. And I wanted to develop my own work, and have full control over the result. The business is still growing and changing, it’s a baby. I just want to see what it will become. Read more>>

Carlene C. Wright | TV Host, Speaker & Entrepreneur

After graduating from Florida Atlantic University with my degree in Multimedia Journalism, I decided to start “Wright Encouragement” simply because I wanted to have the autonomy to create and produce transformative content to encourage, educate, and inspire the masses to be the best version of themselves. I have always loved all things media and at one point really wanted to be a reporter/anchor. Though, I am still very fond of that field, I find pleasure in working within myself to come up with ideas and then to partner with other creatives to bring it to life. As an ordained Minister, it has become another way for me to showcase God’s handiwork through the lives of others. We started out with a talk show and have since evolved to add hosting services, speakers, events, and now that I am a certified professional life coach there are other innovative ideas that are forthcoming for the “Wright Encouragement’ brand. Read more>>

Joe Paz | Saxophonist & Lead Arranger

At first the idea of playing Video Game and Anime music honestly came from a simple love of that type of music. Problem is while you are in school you typically learn the classics and rarely anything outside of that. As musicians, we are taught to play what is on the sheet music we read most of the time, but nobody had Video Game and Anime music written out for Saxophone, Flute, or Clarinet. Even if it was, it was just a solo piece and not something you could play with a group and perform live in a concert. So that’s what led us to start writing our own arrangements of the music we heard in these games and shows growing up and decided to make a group that can tackle many different styles of music to fit the eclectic sounds you often hear in the soundtracks to these wonderful franchises. Read more>>

Terry Michael

Everyone thinks they don’t have the time! My philosophy is SHORTCUT2HEALING…you can workout 20 minutes, meditate at least 3 minutes, eat healthy and read or listen to at least 10 minutes of Personal Development..,All consistently! Read more>>

Carolina Bernal | Art program

My thought process was “No, I cant. Am I crazy? ” to “am I sure” to “Why not?” to “ok I got to trust God, I got to have faith” to “ok, I will do it” to finally “LETS DO IT!” and “I am victorious”. Read more>>

Nick Hughes | Chief Executive Officer & Physical Therapy Doctor

In 2013, Brad and I saw a massive need for a younger, tech-driven therapy company in the senior living space. This was by no means a novel idea, but we wanted to be a disrupting force in the arena by being a faster moving company and employing the best talent. Honestly, we always thought if we had the best therapy talent in the area and state, we would be successful. Read more>>