Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Nichole Walz | Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Josh and I had practiced for 7 years before opening our own practice here in Brickell, On-The-Go Wellness Chiropractic. We wanted to take the very best from all our associate positions we’d been able to experience throughout the years and we did just that! We believe that getting to know our patients and what they do every day plays a huge roll in getting to the bottom of what’s going on. We spend 60 minutes with each new patient and 20-30 minutes on each follow-up visit. This allows us to not only treat the area of concern, but also give proper stretches, posture and ergonomic tips, sleeping tips and SO much more! This way, the patient will not only get better, but STAY better because they’ll be doing the correct things at home/work. We know patients are busy and “on-the-go,” which is why we wanted to offer both in-office and in-home treatments, in the case that patients don’t want to fight traffic, worry about parking or take time away from their busy schedules for treatment. Read more>>

Kagame Li-A-Ping | Finance Professional & Entrepreneur

The thought process behind starting my own businesses was understanding that not all minds are 100% the same. To be more specific, i had to realize that I cannot expect other people the think the way I think, or implement ideas the way I envision them. I saw myself saying, “There needs to be an organization that teaches financial literacy THIS way,” or, “There needs to be a game that spotlights THESE cultures.” Instead of asking those questions, I began to answer them myself, and that’s how the businesses (Li-A-Ping Financial, Inc and IslandFLava LLC) were created. Read more>>

Alce F | Artist and CEO Label Owner

It was a long process but the start of my business didn’t come from a single thought, It happened naturally. I had this song called “Go To Work” on my album. When I wrote it I didn’t intend for it to be a leading single, but the song grew legs of its own and took off. So many people connected to it, I was receiving messages and videos everyday of people telling me how motivating my song is. It embodied everything I wanted to be as an artist and influencer, go to work became my model for everything it was now my brand. From there I launched GTW Recordings and soon after came GTW Apparel. Being a business man is a new venture for me which bring new challenges. Its not easy but I love every part of it. Read more>>

Marlon Foster | The Basement Presents (DJ & Owner)

The thought process behind the The Basement Presents was to create a platform to help DJs. A lot of the DJ’s I knew were playing gigs that they were not happy with because they couldn’t play the music they wanted. So I came up with The Basement Presents, so I could create events that would highlight the music they actually enjoyed playing. At the very start this did work, I helped/ worked with over 20 different DJs and put together some great/interesting events that allowed DJs (and musicians) to perform music they enjoyed. The Basement Presents has changed a little since then, I still work with DJs and musicians but I have taken more of the forefront instead of the background with playing music, which I am glad I did because its sparked a new passion in my own creativity and performance when it comes to Dj’ing. Read more>>

Valeria Amaral | Fashion Designer & Blogger

When I graduated college I knew that I wanted to start my own business. As soon as a graduated with my BA in Fashion Design I went ahead and opened my own online clothing brand – Valeria Amaral. I also knew that since I no longer was going to be attending school I needed to stay connected to everyone in the industry I met in my years at Miami International University of Art & Design. At this time blogging was starting to take off and I decided to also start a blog related to all things fashion as my own way to stay connected to my industry. Little did I know this too would soon become a business, so I decided to open a second business! I never for a second thought this was crazy or too much, I was so excited to do what I loved that I was ready to take on the world. Read more>>

Manny Garavito | Comedy Coach and Edutainer

Thanks for the opportunity of being interviewed for your website! Humans strive for freedom. We all have a different definition of freedom. But one way or another we want it in our lives. Coming from a corporate background in banking, I realized after a decade that I was turning in my freedom for a fat check. When I did my first open mic in 2009 and spoke my truth, that’s when I got a taste for my new definition of freedom. It was no longer getting comfort with my career, but pushing the boundaries of my identity in society. So I quit my job and pursued a career in comedy in 2013. Then another deterrent to my freedom was in place. Not only did I quickly become a starving artist. I should’ve thought this through a bit more. On top of that, there was no real way to get good in the local Miami Comedy scene. Most comedians got good here in Miami and left to more established comedy scenes in other cities. Although I believed Miami deserved a good comedy scene where aspiring comedians can develop. So I started to help make it happen. Read more>>

Stephanie Ulloa | Event Planner

I’ve always wanted to be my own boss. I’ve always been fiercely independent and played by my own rules. While I have worked many corporate jobs, ultimately, I was never happy until I was working for myself on my business. Read more>

Barion McQueen | Entrepreneur

I knew that if I could help build other people’s companies, I could do the same for myself. Read more>>

Lisbet Fernandez-Vina & Lucy Morillo | Founders at LMA Consultants

Our inspiration behind LMA came from our make-it-happen mindset. We wanted to bring together an A-team of industry experts that could help us fulfill the mission of offering a comprehensive menu of services under one roof. Our company slogan is “Align. Connect. Lead.” and this phrase encompassess what we wanted to do when starting the business. As strategist consultants, we get to ask the difficult questions to help teams align, attentively listen and dig deeper to connect them under one common goal, and roll up our sleeves to help them lead the necessary changes that will move their mission and goals forward. At LMA, it doesn’t matter what challenges an organization faces. We come in and turn areas of stagnation into growth to achieve sustainable results. We make it happen! Another important component that we wanted to become a pillar of our business was women’s empowerment. That’s why our business is women-owned, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certified small business and has a strong commitment to inspire and form the next generation of female leaders. Read more>>

Anne Louise Burdett | CEO of TOCA, Clinical Herbalist & Sex Educator

I have always been a very independent person and excited to find the places where interesting or unexpected intersections happen. I had been working full time at an amazing non-profit & community farm, running the education programs and teaching herbalism courses amongst other responsibilities. On the side I was running my low cost herbal clinic. It became too exhausting to basically have two full time jobs, so I decided to head out on my own and start my own business as a clinical herbalist. This clinical model quickly took a strong focus in sexual and reproductive health and trauma. I found more and more that these areas were often neglected in other healthcare modalities, and were very reflective and essential in understanding and building an overall state of heath ad wellbeing. So this led me to co-found my second business, TOCA. We make sexual health products (intimate oils) with botanical formulations and high potency CBD, with an educational component as well. I created this business because it really felt like there was nothing out there at the quality that I wanted to see, and with the therapeutic potential that I knew I could develop. Read more>>

Sapira Cheuk | Artist, Lecturer, & Sticker Maker

My business centers around creating stickers that focus on diversity and representations for the paper planner and journalling communities. When I started in 2017, I realized I could not only use my creative skill in a completely different way (I am also an exhibiting contemporary artist) but also helps create a more inclusive community. Read more>>

Tina | T’s Banana Pudding

I was encouraged by friends to start the business. I originally was making the banana pudding for family gatherings. It wasn’t until the pandemic happened that I really considered starting the business. I’m so glad I did. Read more>>

Samantha Murphy | Queen Bee

Since I was a child, I have been an entrepreneur, so starting my own business came naturally to me. I wanted to work for myself because I wanted to have the flexibility to set my own schedule and grow the business in whatever direction I chose. After being a stay-at-home mom for eight years, I had begun thinking about starting my own business. I made a list of things that interested me and waited for the right time and the right opportunity. Read more>>

Richard Laviña | CEO & Co-Founder of Taxfyle

I come from an accounting background. I earned my degree in accounting, and after graduating, went to work for a CPA firm in my hometown of Miami. After some time there, I got offered a great job at one of the Big Four accounting firms – PwC – as an auditor. It was fast-paced and interesting, but also eye opening. I realized there were gaps and inefficiencies, and how the accounting industry could be so much better if it embraced tech and software. Knowing firsthand what issues were plaguing this super old, extremely large and lucrative industry, I thought, if I don’t pursue a career path finding solutions to these issues, someone else will. I quit my job at PwC and founded Taxfyle with my friends Michael Mouriz (Chief Operating Officer) and Will Sahaditjan (Chief Technology Officer), and we set out to transform the accounting industry, both for people and businesses – with our mobile app for easy and affordable tax filing for anyone of any income level, and Worklayer, respectively. Read more>>