We asked rising stars from the community one of our favorite questions: other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

Anyelika | Avatar

The single most important decision I have made has been to become the best version of myself, focusing on healing myself, learning about my angels and demons, my patterns, and looking inside myself for answers and not in the outside world. Becoming more in tune with my authentic self, prioritize “me time,” and learn to love myself first so I can love those around me just as much. Doing this has better my work and my relationship with those around me. Now, I choose to do work that inspires me, and it could inspire those around me and work with people and brands I believe in and not just because of money. Read more>>

Kamika Marie Fullwood | Entrepreneur

Honestly, my faith and trusting God. My life has definitely took some turns, things that I had no control over. Instead of fighting to control a situation, I have faith. Believing that something good will come out of chaos, has always proved to bring in that good. I don’t worry about minor or major situations for that matter. I address every thing as it comes, and from a perspective that this will turn out for my good. Never fails, it always has. Read more>>

Monique (MJ) McEachin | Founder/Creative or Paperie by MJ

I was born with this love of stationery and come from a line of creative women. My mother studied fashion and would design and make clothing for our family. While I did not inherit her passion for fashion she did pass along her creative gene and absolute love of stationery. My mother loves to receive and give greeting cards. When she was pregnant with me she started collecting every greeting card she received and when she realized that I too had this love of greeting cards she passed the collection to me! There’s is something so nostalgic about picking up a few of cards and reading them everyone once in a while. I have been doing the same for both my children since they were born… I have every card they have ever received and we sit as a family sometimes to read, laugh and reminisce. I’m doing this because PAPER will never go out of style! Read more>>