Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Rosa Colon | Baker

Life is all about taking risks. Is it scary? YES! But worth taking if it will somehow potentially benefit the company. As a first-time business owner, one does not expect the challenges and downfalls but, it is all part of the journey like Jimmy Duggan once stated, “it’s supposed to be hard, if it were easy, everyone would do it.” Risk-taking has made me a stronger person. I have learned from my experiences that one negative review out of one thousand good reviews shouldn’t be a reason I should question my success and let it negatively affect my whole day. Instead, realize that it isn’t possible to satisfy every single person, and it is ok. There were situations that at first made me very sad, confused, and frustrated, thinking I was not good enough after gathering all my thoughts and talking to my support system, it only made me make better decisions. Failing sounds like a horrible word but, without it, we won’t grow. Read more>>

Luis Salazar | Music Producer

The good old saying with great risk comes great rewards, I try to take calculated risk whenever possible. If it means in my production/songwriting/ personal life. Read more>>

Mayra Hernandez | designer, seamstress & full Specialist with an open vision

Risk taking ..wow ! The fear of failure was the greatest obstacle and risk to overcome! The thought of others seeing you fail and what they would say and think . Once you stop caring about others and what they think. A new image of yourself is awaken and you are ready to conquer your fear. Nothing else matter in this world than what you think and feel towards yourself. Everything else comes .. if you know in your heart and you see the image of your creations being turned into a reality .. you become fearless and unstoppable ! Read more>>

Caterine Lopez | Caterine Lopez | Founder & Creative Director of Way Forward

I see risk as an opportunity to explore, grow, and find meaning. One is only able to know the outcome of taking a risk if they decide to take it. Then, that outcome, whether expected or not, will allow you to assess, understand, and ultimately learn. That experience is vital for the process of entrepreneurship as well as many other life factors for that matter. I also believe that taking risks is the only way to really pursue one’s dream. A clear memory I have of a risk that I took was when I made the decision to volunteer for a NGO in New Delhi. Read more>>

Alex Morrissey | Director of ESIROM

Risk and I… we’ve been at it for a whole but if one thing is for certain, it’s necessary in all aspects of life. It’s needed in business, in relationships, in partnerships — without it, you then to “play it safe” which can make you monotonous and no change but risk gives you some changes, try something new, it can work or can not work but in your life, in your career, how will you know if you don’t risk it? If you don’t take any changes? Then begs the questions: what do you risk? Well you risk your money, your time, and while it can lead to failure, taking a calculated risk is always based on measuring the pros and cons! Read more>>

Gabriella Klein | Artist

Being a painter is all about taking risks. I grew up with artist parents and I saw how much of a struggle it was to “make it.” I always loved to draw, so I went to art school and concentrated in illustration, thinking it was a more practical career choice than the one my parents chose. I took my first painting class at Massachusetts College of Art with the painter George Nick. His enthusiasm for making and looking at painting rubbed off on me and the other students. Read more>>

Maria Victoria | Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur

I like to think about risks as learning curves, if you don’t take them there’s no way you could learn new things or experience new opportunities, that could potentially be life changing. I believe it makes us feel more confident, courageous and powerful because we’re rejecting the idea being scared of making difficult decisions or wanting to avoid comments of want people may think. I really love a quote by Paulo Coelho that says, “You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.” Read more>>