We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Erin Deady | Lawyer and Urban Planner

I’m inspired by my little girl. Growing up in Florida and spending so much time in the Florida Keys and in my hometown Lantana, I’ve seen the impacts of sea level rise and climate change up close. I’ve experienced flooding on the streets near my home. I’ve seen the degradation of our beautiful coral reefs in Florida. I’ve seen our counties and cities struggle to find solutions to the impacts of climate change and that’s what I am helping them do- find solutions. I want her to be able to grow up and experience Florida the way I did- seeing the wonder and awe of our precious natural and marine resources and being able to keep living in Florida in a sustainable community. Read more>>

Thomas Guerra | Executive Director, Miami Recovery Project and person in long term recovery

I am inspired every time that I see someone who was at their worst point in their life, find recovery and begin to change their lives. Recovery is what inspires me. People who have found recovery before me and people who now use their experience to help others are my inspiration. I was able to find my purpose through helping others and now I can be the inspiration that others need to seek recovery. Read more>>

Meghan Ross | Owner of Faces by Meghan

I am inspired by creativity, beauty, and the confidence I can bring other women. I am inspired by the life stories, laughs, and tears of every single one of my amazing clients who started as friends that supported my business or became my friends through my business. Being a women is hard and taking time for ourselves is hard. I wanted to offer a true safe space where women can be themselves and leave feeling better and more confident in themselves than they did when they came in the door. I am also inspired by my new all female team who has believed in my vision of creating a real powerful team of women who truly support each other and our community. Read more>>