We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Showtime Ramon | Rapper

I am inspired by the death of my best friend. Read more>>

Patricia Brett | Artist and former architect. Creator of Veronica Brett, the first line of designer swimwear for breast cancer survivors

I’m inspired by ground-breaking women artists who pushed the boundaries of what defines sculpture, painting, or printmaking; women who worked across these mediums and created works that defied one particular category. Artists like Louise Bourgeois, Eva Hesse, and Louise Nevelson. Hesse is really one of the first artists who left the plane of the painting with her work and Nevelson’s relief sculptures still continue to amaze me. Read more>>

Danielle Henry | Kitchen Magician / Plant-Based Chef & food Artist / yogi / multi-dimensional-Creator

I am inspired by my AnceSTARS, my Descendants, the Earth, and how she Expresses, the Cosmos, colorful flowers, fruits, vegetables; my reflections whom I see in many faces. I am inspired by my Ancestors resilience; and the opportunity to pave a path for the ones to come after me, of Excellence, Discipline, Great Health, Abundant Wealth. All, which I believe, is our Birthright. Read more>>