We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Amanda Covach | Curator of Education

I am inspired by the incredible future we can help students access, and the possibilities for who they will be. I am constantly inspired by the people I work with, their stories and how that informs their decisions, and how their work propels the museum forward. Read more>>

Janie Reisler | Art Educator and Artist living in Miami

My creative process is inspired by Emerging Artists of new mediums. Right now I am loving Art Installations and especially Drone Art. I feel all this ‘GRAND SCALE’ Art is amazing, so innovative and refreshing. I also enjoy teaching young children and have the opportunity of being an Art Specialist at a local Ft. Lauderdale private school. Some of the children are extremely talented and I hope that I will encourage them to continue their journey and explore the Art World as they develop their new-found skills. Read more>>

Kadina Grant | Entrepreneur

I genuinely loved this question because it truly made me sit down here and think . I think I’m truly am inspired by the way I feel when I do something, if it sparks a light and feeling of joy in me then it motivates me to go explore it further and see what I can create out of it . Also the thought of giving back to my family and the community around me fills me up with so much inspiration to go out there and create a name for myself . Read more>>