We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.


I feel very fortunate with the opportunity I have every day to help people build good relationships, build strength, build more efficient communication, and help them reach their goals. It’s inspiring to hear the stories, what motivates my clients, and the fears that block them from being what they want to be or doing what they want to do, and how we can break those fears together. Read more>>

Nacho Londoño | Musician

I’m inspired by the beauty of been a live. My own Struggles when I been in love, when I had my heart broken when I see an stranger walk by I can feel their soul and their weight on life. When I write I try to be very honest so I can communicate with my audience and creat a bond. Read more>>

Cierra Johnson | Mentor & Cosmetologist

I inspire myself, I always knew I was different from my surroundings. Also breaking generational curses inspired me. Read more>>

Scott Jeffries | Artist

More and More I am getting inspiration by focusing on the present moment. I definitely have fallen victim of focusing on the past or worrying about the future and when I do that the am missing out on no much. A great cloud, the smell of the rain, an important special conversation with someone in my life is lost when i am not paying attention. Read more>>

Andrea Marquez | Art Director / Graphic – Motion & UX UI Designer

My emotions and feelings, good or bad, always inspire me to create. I’m also drawn to light. I love how it pours through the window making shapes and rainbows. Read more>>

Mike Sabatino | Adventure & Landscape Photographer

What inspires me is the beautiful world that we live in. Photography has forever changed my ways of viewing the world! Being a photographer I’ve learned to grow more patients, be more caring to our environment and to cherish every moment of being outdoors and getting to see how beautiful our world is. Read more>>

Michail Papakalodoukas | Painter & Chef

Every day life and the people around me. As an Greek immigrant in the U.S., moving to New York was a cultural shock, meaning that in the most positive way possible. I loved seeing all the different cultures around me and the diversity. Even taking the train and observing New Yorkers from all over the world was a part of my artistic process and inspiration. Read more>>