Starting a business is a commitment and requires dedication, resources and sacrifice. We asked some of the rising stars in our community how they thought through the idea of starting their own businesses.

Dr. Anya Temer | Integrative Medicine physician and medical director of Total Holistic Center

While I was getting my medical doctor education, I got disillusioned with the medical system. I didn’t see people truly getting healthy and getting better when they had chronic illness. I wanted to make a difference and help people get truly healthy. Read more>>

Alexa Carlin | Founder & CEO of Women Empower X

During my early days as a professional public speaker, I started to notice a big disconnect among women as I was speaking more and more around the country at women’s events. I noticed how separated and segmented off each event was when it came to the demographic of people in attendance. Read more>>

Johanne Pradel Wilson | Queen of Ideas

For about 13 years I worked for one of the world’s largest branding agencies in New York and then in Florida when I moved there. I knew it was time for me to start my own studio when my mother got sick and I couldn’t be with her because my job insisted I stay at work. Read more>>

Augie Lasseter | Model Agency Owner and Personal Manager

I kind of fell into owning a modeling agency accidentally! I knew I loved building business but I had no desire or even much knowledge of the modeling industry. I was a commercial lines insurance broker and helped grow that business which I found intriguing but I just couldn’t see myself growing old in that profession. Read more>>

Johanna Boccardo | Artist

I’ve never seen myself working for anyone else. I like providing the best possible service that I can for my clients, and at the same time having complete freedom and elasticity in my life. Read more>>

Jean Blackwell Font | Visual Artist & Arts Marketer

We started Warehouse 4726 because, like other artists, we needed studio space. Trying to make work in our home, with children and the duties that come with a family, really didn’t leave space for art supplies and art work. Iggy was painting outside after the kids went to bed, hanging canvases on a hook on the side of the house. Read more>>

Rodrigo Pedrosa | Visual Artist

I went in search of my personal fulfillment, I followed my heart. I abandoned a career of almost 30 years in advertising with an advertising agency set up and stable to pursue the career of plastic artist. Read more>>

Jennifer Talesman | Photographer, Brand Visionary, Herbalist

Starting my own business came from the desire to put my heart and inner purpose into everything I do. The backbone of a company really is about the culture and beliefs of its founder(s), and while I had a fantastic time working for several companies that I resonated with. Read more>>

Clinton Mansfield | CEO and Founder-Provoke|Coach®️

To Provoke Positive Change in People and in their business. I’ve always loved Coaching people through their challenges in both business and in life. When people are better versions of themselves they crush it in business and life. When this happens we are able now to give back because we are in a position of strength. Read more>>

DesignGeo | Digital Artist

The engine behind my start was the need to show the world my creations. From publications on social networks (Instagram and Facebook), the public was the one that little by little began to consult about the possibility of acquiring my work in various formats. Read more>>

Michael Elliott | Fine Artist (Painting/Photography)

My thought process in regards to my business in painting/photography came about years ago in light of a structure needed in organizing my brand and marketing. for me it all started from a signature on my work which expanded to online interactions, promos and eventually a website. Read more>>

Fayth Ribeiro | Commercial, Marketing and Branding Photographer

I had a pretty good career building up in Accounting at the time I decided to jump the tracks and do photography full-time. Although I didn’t mind accounting, I couldn’t escape the feeling that it just didn’t fit. It was like wearing a very beautiful but uncomfortable suit. Read more>>

Juliana Ruiz | President and Founder, BryteBox Consulting

I grew up with Entrepreneurs, all around me. My parents both ran successful businesses, as did my grandparents, numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins. Entrepreneurship was part of our family culture. Running my own business was never a question of if, but when? Taking that initial leap of faith wasn’t as scary as it is for most. Read more>>