We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Matt Gall | Film & Theatre Actor/ Writer/ Director/ Producer

To put it in a single word: Resourcefulness. My heroes are the people who make brilliance out of nothing. The filmmakers who pooled their resources and made magic on a nothing budget; Writers, actors, directors, and designers who can create a lived-in world and a compelling story in a run-down theatre with a few lights and a good script. When I’m leading a project (a film or theatre collaboration), I’ve always worked under the assumption that I’ll have next to nothing to work with, so my drive and creative spark usually comes from figuring out how to use what I have, rather than pining for what I don’t have. The greatest films and theatre works usually weren’t born of big budgets; they came from their creators reimagining what was possible with what they already had. Read more>>

Caroline Johnson | Attorney & Founder of Florida Collaborative Law Group

I’m truly inspired by those striving to reach their full potential. I think it is so inspiring to watch someone work hard, learn, adapt, persevere and truly achieve greatness. From an athlete dedicating themself to their sport to a teacher going above and beyond to not just educate, but really make a difference in a student’s life, I find inspiration in so many different places. Read more>>

Guimar Urbina | Interior Designer

Many things inspire me, from a color, an object, a wallpaper, a piece of furniture, a fabric or a place. Traveling fascinates me, I get many inspirations from other cultures. Read more>>

Akio “The Fatha” Ross | Soca artist and Entrepreneur

Im inspired by the Love of Culture. Our culture is one of the most unique and beautiful cultures in the world. So there are many aspects of it in which one can gather inspiration from. Read more>>

Sebastian La Rosa | Founder of wizardfc

I believe that there is a captivating life force within all people. This life force is full of emotions, good and bad, that help me interpret the world. As a habit I surround myself with good energy, and if something doesn’t resonate with my spirit, I stay away from it. The people we choose to spend time on, the content we interact with and consume, the ideas that give us something to smile about or look forward to; these are all beacons of inspiration to me. How can someone live in a world like ours and not be inspired?. Read more>>

Steve Rossi | Artist and Educator

More than anything, as an artist, I’m inspired by the world around me. Quite often I am finding aesthetic value in overlooked utilitarian forms and spaces. Read more>>

Ariana Lara Franco | Sculptress & Writer

Continuing themes of my personal art practice are rooted in experiences and relationships with people and peoples relationship with objects. When I think about what inspries me my first reaction is how do the relationships between people and their experiences affect who they become. The idea that environment and experiences shape peoples outward and inward motivations. From these ideas I have created works of art that identify objects relationships and abstract personalities to my family members. The ancestral and cultural exploration has inspired me. Recently my research has escalated to discover family members in Italy to better understand who I came from. Read more>>

Clare Celeste | Installation Artist and Environmentalist

I am endlessly fascinated by the connections between organisms, the intricacies of ecosystems, the complexity of nature and its resilience and beauty. I love to walk into a forest or jungle and observe the bloom of life covering every surface. Be it a mangrove in the Brazilian Amazon that is teeming with biodiversity, or a mossy forest bed here in Germany. I create immersive installations so that others can join me in being moved by the beauty of our planet. Read more>>

Mario Steele | Creator and Host of Bible Or Babel Gameshow

Growing up on the Island of the Bahamas, I grew up the youngest of seven children. My father died when I was 2 yrs old and it left my mom to raise seven children all by herself. My mom is my inspiration. From working two and three jobs to make sure that we were not homeless or hungry to ensuring that we had clothing, shoes and all the essentials. My mom Eleanor Steele inspired me to want the best for others and myself. To be a giver to try your best to leave people better than you met them. That is what my show Bible or Babel is all about. A show about giving a show about helping those in need, especially in the time of a pandemic. My mom is truly my greatest inspiration. Read more>>