We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below

Luba Kladienko-Ramirez | Art Dealer and Animal Rescuer

I want ArtToSaveLives to be synonymous with fine art and saving animal lives. My goal is to have nationwide or even worldwide sanctuaries with museums and various artistic activities, making it a cultural destination brand, which will ultimately help the voiceless. Read more>>

Daniel René | Singer, Songwriter, Producer, TV Host

I want my music to be my legacy. Every song contains a piece of me, a fragment of where I am in my life. I want people to remember that I never gave up on my dream or myself. I never surrendered to people telling me no. I fight for what I want and never give up. I am a fighter, a survivor, and above all I am a lover. My evolution as a human being is also the evolution of me as an artist. I never allowed other people to dictate my life, the same way I never let trends dictate my music. I will leave my music behind. Music is the story of my life. My life is the story of my music. Read more>>

Melencia Lattimore | Artist & Entrepreneur

Being an artist and entrepreneur has given me purpose, and a platform to preach the values that are most important to me; authenticity, uniqueness, and self-love. Recently, I’ve felt even more pulled to spread awareness on the fact that these values are not just about self. Being dedicated to these values not only serves you, but the people around you. The way you treat yourself plays a direct role in the way you treat others, and how you view the world. I hope that by living in my truth, and doing what I love, people are inspired to live in their truth, and do what they love. Read more>>

Kay S. | Cosmetologist & investor

I want my legacy to be about shedding knowledge on who I really am the heart the drive the Strive the ambition I’ve learnt through the years being a business woman to inspire others to keep going don’t stop stay determined an dedicated an true to yourself I want everyone to remember me as a that go getter that hunger for success woman who never gave up her dream to leave behind assists for my kid kids an generations to come. Read more>>