We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Elijah and Jasmine LinQ’D Model Management | Model , creative Influencer , Business Owner

I want my Legacy to be about , helping people be the best version of their creative selves and express it without having to shrink themselves into fitting into the industry . I want people to say , A young influencer changed the world for other creative all over the world , she built an empire out of building a team of leaders . Read more>>

Terry Dyer | Executive Director, World AIDS Museum & Author

I would like my legacy and people to remember me for the following: 1. Someone who stood for something and fell for nothing. I always want to stand for what is right in our society and challenge those who do not. I also want people to know that I remained with a high level of integrity and dignity. 2. A person that loved life and making those around him laugh. A person that believed strongly in health and wellness. Read more>>

Sharnika Moore | Model, Actress, & Makeup Artist

I would like my legacy to be identified as always going against the status quo and never accepting the word “No”. I want to be remembered as someone who used every odd against me as a catalyst to strive for success. Being black, educated, female, and an entrepreneur are all threats to this society, and I chose to be one of the ones to prove the system wrong. Read more>>

JaVonni Brustow | Media Personality

Legacy is a major, yet important thing to always consider. I like Frank Sinatra’s mantra of doing it my way. When it’s all said and done I want it to be shown that I’ve helped as many people as I could and left the world in a better place as much as I possibly could. Whether it’s helping to further the careers of others, helping solve community problems and environmental issues, I want to make sure I leave a positive impact. That is on top of building my own empire, of course. And I want to show it can all be done with a clear conscience by being morally sound as well. Read more>>