We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Payal Beri | Emerging Leadership Coach

Empathy. My purpose, my passion and my legacy is all embedded in empathy. We currently live in a world of instant gratification, satisfying our personal needs and having difficulty separating from our egos to breathe into our hearts and function from a balance of heart and head. Growing up around the world, I was fortunate to experience humanity and recognize the basic fundamental emotions all humankind feel, sense and experience. This led to me to a path in psychology and ultimately dedicated to empowering those who are disempowered. If for a moment people can use their personal experience of emotion (sadness, fear, anger, joy, love) and apply that to understanding what someone else may be going through, sometimes tenfold, we’d be a stronger community. Read more>>

Ilo Luyando | Cake Designer

I would like to carry the flavours of my country (Venezuela) to the mainstream public, so they can share the same love for them as I do. And to always remember: there’s always time for something sweet in your life. Read more>>

Kahla King | Tax Preparer & Baker

I want to be remembered for my passion. I make a conscious decision, every time I am serving the public in the capacity of my business owner role, to stay true to my purpose in that role and genuine in nature. You’ll always do things to the best of your ability when doing so. Read more>>